Thank you

You'll never guess what I got in the post the other day...

An actual, genuine, handwritten piece of mystery mail for me.  Not a unwanted bill, not an uncalled for circular and not even a delightful, but ordered-by-me-and-not-really-that-surprising package.  None of those things, how terribly exciting!

It wasn't until I read the little letter inside that I remembered that I had been lucky enough to win my first ever bloggy give-away and this unexpected delight was my prize.

You'll of course want to see what my good fortune brought me, and I want to show you because I'm so, so happy with and pleased with them.

First was a beautiful ring and ear-ring set with the most delicate and delightful white roses.

But that was not all.  I also received a charming deep red felt broach.

Isn't it cute?

It's like getting a wonderful un-birthday present.  Which, if you know your Alice, you will know is the kind of present you get when it isn't your birthday!

And who do I have to thank for this generosity?  My thanks go, in great heaped spadefuls to darling Alison of Heavenly Handmades.  Who made all of these beauties with her own fair and talented hands.  I only discovered her blog recently as she signed up to join my PCH project and I'm so glad I did.

Thank you so much Alison.  I'm tremendously grateful to you and ridiculously happy with my new things.  All of which I am wearing at this very moment!

Till next time...

S x


  1. What lovely things, lucky you :D I do like a nice giveaway, in fact I'll be hosting one next week :D

  2. So glad you like them (and that they arrived whole)!!

  3. Yay for fun surprises that bring such joy! I will be visiting Miss Allison's blog now! Thanks for sharing your joy with us too!

  4. Lucky you! Those are all so pretty, and what a nicely out together thank you post.

  5. I too would be tickled pink with such gifts. They do make a VERY pleasant change from bills and tax forms!

    Ha! My verification word for this comment is 'crises'!


  6. ooh what a happy mail day! :)
    Jessie, xx


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