Weekender Blanket is done

The good news is, I finished the blanket - yippee!
The sad news is, I no longer have a weekend blanket project - boo hoo...

Of course, I'm not really remotely sad to have hooked the last stitch and woven in the last end of my lovely hexie blanket project.  Just the opposite, I'm happy as happy about it because I love it.  I am going to miss working on it at the weekends though.  I had become a thing to look forward to, a little treat that I would remember on the Friday, 'ooh it's blanket making time.'  I liked that.

Last time we spoke, I was in the throes of border decisions and I'm pleased to say, with the help of a few experiments and the wise and wonderful of IG, I managed to get something I was happy with.  I initially wanted colourful bobbles along the ends, on the hexie points, but it just looked dibby and wrong when I tried it and in the end I decided that really the glorious and colourful hexies just had to be the star of the show and a one color border was the way to go.

For some reason, I'm not quite sure why, the edges at the side had to be straight though.  I guess because I'd filled those gaps with my half-hexagons but at the end I'd left the whole hexagon points, so I wanted to emphasize those and that difference?  I say that now, after the fact but at the time I admit it wasn't such a clear thought, more of a feeling of what would be right which I went along with.

This blanket was supposed to be a smaller project.  A little throw to cover the lap and keep off the chill while telly watching of an evening.  It turned out a little big bigger than I intended though, maybe because I just couldn't get enough of these hexies.  There's a picture of it below on my double bed so you can get an idea of the scale.  We have a king size bed and for those of you in the UK, that will mean something.  How it compares to beds elsewhere I'm not sure but I'll give you all the measurements below in any case.

I'm most mesorised by the colours.  The palette feels so familiar to me, as if I've used it before.  I thought it was like my Giant Granny Patches blanket, until I held them together and really they are very different.  It is kind of similar to my Niffy Fifties Ripple and that was one of my favourite sets of colours for a long, long time.  It's also fairly close to my Elmer the Cushion palette.

Maybe it's just because it's got so many of my favourite shades in it.  Maybe it's because it's one of those that just keeps giving me ideas for other combinations of colours that I could take from it and use.  I love it when that happens.  Whatever it is, there is something about it that feels utterly right and comforting and 'me' about it.

As usual though, no blanket finale post would be complete without a complete low-down on all the relevant facts.  We love the details don't we?  Okay, let's get to it then...

:  :   W E E K E N D E R   B L A N K E T   :  :

Yarn, Colours & Patterns

For the all the yarn types I used and colour details, see this post:
Weekender Blanket Hexie Pattern
You will also find the Stylecraft colour information in that post

For the whole and half hexie charts see the above link.
For the written pattern of the whole and half hexies, see the Ravelry pattern page to download:
Weekender Blanket

Border pattern will be coming soon.

Other Information

Hook: 4mm (G USA)
Size: 158 x 130cm (62 x 51")

Total rows of hexies: 23
Number of hexies in a row: 16 (or 15 and 2 halves)
Total number of whole hexies: 357
Total number of half hexies: 22

Weight: 1071g
Total Yardage: 3,295 yards
Approx yardage for hexies only: 3,034
Approx yardage for border only: 261 yards
Number of balls used: 15 (14 colours and 1 extra for the border)

I think that's it, but if there is anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

Oh and one last thing - I did work up a little 'filler' hexie just in case anyone was thinking they would like to straighten off all the edges of their blankets.  What do you think?  Would anyone be interested in the pattern for that?

In the meantime, keep working away on your blankets for the 'along' and keep posting those gorgeous pictures!

It's not too late to join in the fun with your own blanket project.  We're working on our new and old projects throughout March and we'd love to see yours too.

You can see this post for more details of the Blanket Along.

Just remember to use the #CHBAL tag on Instagram or pop over to the Cherry Heart Blanket Along thread on ravelry so we can enjoy your pretties!

S x




  1. It's lovely, and the clever edging is just the perfect finishing touch. The sewing together of all of the hexagons must have been a bit taxing, no doubt it took as long as the actual crochet. Well worth it though, it will no doubt be treasured. CJ xx

  2. Thank you so much! I had to fight my natural urge to add colour, but I think one colour was the way to go in the end... Luckily there was no sewing involved, 'join as you go' all the way on this one - it’s a life-saver ;)
    Sandra x

  3. I love it! The colours are great, and I love the border with the bobbles! I'm no where near the border stage of my hexie blanket but I'm definately going to remember those bobbles. :) I like your filler hexies, I'd be interested in a pattern for that if you write one up.

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous, Sandra!! I love the border, great choice of colour for it and the cute mini pom-poms finish it off nicely. Pati x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous blanket, and I love the edging in the light blue colour, really pretty and works so well with all the other colours.

  6. Beautiful blanket. the bobbles and edging are great. Must give you a happy feeling that I finished this project with this gorgreous blanket as result.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  7. truly the most beautiful blanket i've ever seen!!! and the border is PErFECT!

  8. well done Sandra, it's gorgeous and the edging is the perfect finishing
    touch. I know what you mean about missing working on it though, I'm
    feeling a bit blanket-bereft at the moment. I suppose the perfect
    antidote to that is to start another one!

  9. Oh so gorgeous! I have blanket envy. Mine is growing albeit at a much too gentle pace... maybe this is the weekend to see some progress. Though obviously I am already wondering whether to add half and filling-in hexies and what to do for the border. It will be a while yet before I have to make any decision!

  10. I love your colour palette in this blanket and the border is fab. I think this might have to be my next blanket project. Thank you for sharing.

  11. It's gorgeous! I can see why you love it so much. The colors are perfect and the border accents the hexies in such a nice way. I really like how you did two different things on the border sides vs. the top and bottom. That pattern on the sides is simple but so right - I may be stealing that idea on future projects :-)

  12. Oh my glitter! How utterly gorgeous. I've finished one blankie, crocheting a little foxy hood at the mo and then ... Hexie, ripple or African flower will be on my list! X

  13. it looks absolutely stunning - something to be proud of. Congratulations - I love the pattern, colors and the border. Super!
    Best wishes from Austria

  14. Oh my, that is quite a beautiful blanket. I love the border too. May I ask where you bought your sofa? I need one like that!

  15. This is lovely! I have a hexagon blanket planned for the husband (once I've got some WiPs off my list!) and I might use this pattern for his hexies - they look so cute! I simply love the edging, the colour and those little bobbles are just perfect :)


  16. Absolutely gorgeous. Such a happy blanket!

  17. It's lovely, great pics too. The bobble look gorgeous, love the one-colour border, it lets the other colours speak for themselves and is definately a case of 'less is more' in terms of colour. Never tried hexies before- I may give them a go!
    Kate x

  18. P.S. Hurrah - got me pic on the comments !! Finally got there :)

  19. It is wonderful, bright and beautiful. Love the edging, it is just a perfect way to finish the blanket.

  20. It's absolutely stunning! I love the border. I started a hexie blanket but laid it aside to work on other projects that needed to be finished first. I cannot wait to get back to it after seeing yours completed. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. i'm having trouble making the hexies! they are all curled and weird when i've joined them. do you think it is from the join as you go? do i use a ss to join or do 1 chain then the ss?

  22. That's so pretty! I want to make one now! :-) I'm a little bored of granny squares, so perhaps hexagons would be a nice change!

  23. gorgeous! i LOVE the edging, the colors, everything. so glad i happened by your blog :) i was wondering, do you plan out the color order before you begin or just crochet away?

  24. What a beautiful blanket, perfect colours and co-ordination! Well once my granny square blanket finished, will have to start the hexy one! Thank you again for such inspiration x

  25. It's totally gorgeous. The colours are very you and the single colour border was totally the right way to go. For some reason I'm really drawn to that tangerine pale orange you have in there, not usually a colour I go for, but it really stands out. x

  26. stunning - you did a ab job! and I love the zigzag edging I think it works so well :) jenny xx

  27. It's lovely Sandra, great colours and I love the bobbly edging. Have a great week. Jane xx

  28. I love it! And I'm not sure how I missed it, because when this was the post at the top of my blog reader those gorgeous colours will have been singing out.

    And I have a crush on that edge ... I want a boho gypsy skirt edged like that!


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