Website Copyright

For all three of my websites, Cherry Heart, the Cherry Heart Blog and Cherry Heart's Crochet Corner, I reserve all rights.

Photographs: Non-Commercial Use
You are welcome to use my photographs on your own site as long as you provide a credit to me and a link back to the original post that contained the photo.

Photographs: Commercial Use
You may not use my photographs for any commercial purpose without my prior written consent.  This includes the use of my photo in the promotion of your own hand-made goods. (See Pattern Copyright below.)

Photographs: Tutorials
You may not use any of the photographs which make up any part of my tutorials without my prior written consent, for commercial or non-commercial use.  If you wish to use my photographs for the purpose of providing a translation of one of my tutorials, please contact me.

You may not copy or reproduce in any form, the written content on any of my sites for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

You are welcome to link to any of my original posts or tutorials on your site.

Tutorial Translations
You are welcome to contact me regarding providing readers of your blog with translations of my tutorials.

Pattern Copyright

Pattern Rights

I reserve all rights to my patterns.

All pattern remain the property of Sandra Paul/Cherry Heart at all times.  Patterns are to be downloaded for your own personal use only and are not to be copied, redistributed, loaned or re-sold for any purpose.

You can not re-work my patterns for your own use, produce variations or derivative works based on my designs.

Handcrafted Goods

I am happy for you to sell items made using my patterns for charity or your own personal profit, as long as you agree to the following requirements:

1.  The items are individually hand-crafted by yourself.

2. The following information is included at point of sale:
(On a tag in the case of selling in person at craft fairs and similar, or with a link to the above address if selling online)
  • Pattern by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart 
3.  You only use your own pictures to promote handmade items and sales. You do not have permission to use any of my photographs for this purpose.