Commenting Troubleshooter

I use a third party add-on called Disqus to manage my comments.  Normally it works great but it does cause the occasional problem.  Try the solutions below:

I can't see a comment box at all...

This is usually a browser problem.  Click here for help.

I'd like to leave a comment but I don't want to have to sign up to do it!

Don't worry, you can just leave a comment as a guest...

1.  Just click in the box to type your comment.

2. Once you have written your message, click on the box that says 'Name'.

3.  Type in your name, and you'll also have to leave an email address too.

4.  Once those have been filled in, just check the 'I'd rather post as a guest box' at the bottom and then submit your comment.

 5.  That's it!  Thanks for your message. :)