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10 July 2014

Boho Stars Cape Pattern Release

Cherry Heart: Close up of Boho Stars Cape neck line

It's here, it's here, it's here!

I'm a little bit excited, can you tell?  Ok, so it's kind of obvious but really you've been so kind in sharing your enthusiasm for this one that I can't help but think maybe some of you will be excited with me.  I hope so.

It seems a long time ago that the original idea for this eclectic cape floated its way into my head.  Something I always seem to be saying lately but I suppose that's the way it goes.  It does undoubtedly take a while to see a pattern through from those preliminary, experimental stages to something that will actually be read and make some kind of sense to another crocheter.  It's a fascinating process and I love to see it come together.

As usual, I have thanks to give out too.  An essential step along the way is getting my patterns tested.  Sure, I can write something that'll make sense to me and my way of thinking, but what about the rest of the world?  That's where my wonderful testers come in.

I've had some great testers to work with and this time I was so lucky with my willing volunteers.  It is always the most bizarre thing to see your creation come to life in someone else's hands and I'm amazed (and relieved) to see it every time.   My testers have made the most beautiful capes, I hope you'll take a moment to check out the Boho Stars Ravelry Project Pages and give them some love there as they've done an amazing job and have each achieved such a beautiful and unique effect.

So a huge thank you to Joyce, Christy and Sharon for all their hard work.

Close up detail shot of stars and v-stitch neckline

Bottom detail of cape

Cherry Heart:  Boho Stars Cape

✩ ✫ ✯     B O H O   S T A R S   C A P E     ✯ ✫ ✩ 

by Sandra Paul

More information and pattern details:

Boho Stars - Cherry Heart Boutique  or  Boho Stars - Ravelry

Or, you can buy the pattern now using the link below:


✩ ✫ ✯ ✯ ✫ ✩ 

Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and I hope you enjoy my patterns.

And as always, if you have any pattern questions, queries, or if you just want to come and share your lovely projects for us to ooh and ahh over, please do come along to the Ravelry Group:

 Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner

I'd love to see you there!

S x

19 June 2014

The Craft Hub: Crocheted Napkin Rings

I'm not a huge one for formal dinning but sometimes it's just those little touches that make all the difference.  Like these cute little napkin rings for example, aren't they cute?

They are really quick and easy to make and the best thing is you only need a few scraps of left-over yarn to whip them up, which if you're anything like me, you might already have lying around in your stash somewhere.

Why not pop over and see me at The Craft Hub and I'll show you how simple they are?

See you there!

S x

05 June 2014

More Hanging Around

I told you I couldn't just make one of these things.  Or even, apparently, just two or three of them.
Well, I had hangers there, asking to be covered, what's a girl to do?

Last time I showed you the first batch of hangers covers I made, following patterns I'd found in books and magazines.  While I was making up those, the old brain was ticking over and thinking of other covering options for these hangers.  Being relatively quick and easy little things to whip up, I thought I'd give those thoughts a test drive.  

The first idea I had was for a simple version of the Japanese pattern, with less decoration and the little bit of loopy crochet underneath.  I quite like the way those turned out.  The little flower I used was from my Mix and Match Flower Tutorial, you can find the Little Flower here.  (The only difference is I only made 5dc's into the loop rather than 6, so I got 5 petals.)  The bit underneath was supposed to look like a little lacy trim and I think it sort of does, if you squint at it a bit!

 The other plan was for some simple stripy hangers.  My original idea was to have stripes of many colours and to be honest, I think that would have been better maybe?  But when it came to it, I just went with two colours and I think that's ok.  Nothing wrong with it, but they just don't jump out at me.

I wanted just a simple something to decorate these too and so I added hearts, because hearts improve everything don't they?  I think they do help, a bit.  As I say, I think they're ok.  But then, maybe I'm just starting to suffer from hanger fatigue?  Time to move on to the next fad I think!

: :

Latest News Updates...

☞   Boho Stars Capelet is Ready for Testing

I know a few of you have mentioned before that you'd be interested in testing patterns for me.
(Thank you!)
If you are still interested and aren't regretting that rash offer, then keep your eyes peeled in the 'Free Pattern Testers' group on Ravelry.  I'll be opening the test thread there tomorrow.

(SMALL PRINT: You'll obviously need to be a member of Ravelry and the Free Pattern Testers Group to be able to test but you also need to be aware of, and committed to, following their group rules for testers which are enforced by the moderators.  Check their group pages for more information.)

: :

☞  Crochet Corner is coming!

A while ago I mentioned that I had some plans brewing for a new site, called Crochet Corner.  A place to find answers to all your crochet questions.

Well, it's almost here.  It's still in it's infancy and there's so much I still want to do, but I think I'm ready to open the doors and invite you in to have a look around.  Hopefully, as soon as next week, all being well.

Watch this space!

: :

S x

03 June 2014

Hanging Around

It's always nice to tick something off the list isn't it?

I'm sure you know the list I'm talking about, it's the one that's added to far quicker than you can possibly keep up with, or even probably complete in a lifetime.  Yep, it's the ever growing 'Crafty Things I Want to Make One Day' list.  These hangers have been on my version of that list for ages and ages.  Probably since I bought this Japanese Crochet book from Pomadour's Craft Cafe on Etsy, which contains, amongst the many, many pretty things, some cute as a button coat hanger covers.  

I think one of the main stumbling blocks on my path to hanger happiness was sourcing those particular style of vintage look hangers.  A quick search previously had not revealed the kind of hanger I wanted and the idea got pushed further down the list, as these things tend to do when you can't act of them straight away.

Then somewhere along the way I discovered that I had one lonely hanger of the right shape and after seeing yet more crocheted covers in a recent magazine, I pulled out the book again with renewed enthusiasm.  Of course, you can't stop at one with these things, or at least I can't, so I determined to find more of the 'right sort' of hangers straight away.  I think that fate approved of my idea and so decided to throw a handy coincidence my way.  After an enjoyable meeting with my friend in crochet, the lovely Sam of Betsy Makes, I learnt that she too has the book (in English!) and was in the process of making herself the exact same hanger covers.   

Sam got her hangers from Dunelm Mill so I was all set to go and get some myself, but being an impatient sort, I decided to go internet hunting again and this time, tracked them down.  It turns out that 'Crescent Hangers' is the search term you want for successful crochet cover suitable hanger shopping!

Armed with lots of naked hangers, I set about covering them up and that's what's been keeping me occupied this past half-term.  That and the usual holiday business of ensuring that Little Miss is entertained from dawn to dusk of course.

Pleasingly this is another 'using up the yarn scraps' type of project as you don't need too much yardage to cover a hanger and even less for all the dangly whatnots.  It took me a little while to work out what yarn I should be using, the disadvantage of having the Japanese version of the book is that I only have the hook size and the charts to go by.  Normally that does me just fine but this took a little playing around to get the right results.

Very happy in the end though.

So happy in fact, I've been making more of them.  I'll save those for next time though...


Pattern:  From Making Magazine, Issue 47 (May 2014)
Yarn:  Left over Debbie Bliss Cashmerino
Hook: 3mm & 2.5mm


Pattern:  From Crochet with Colour
Yarn: Cover - Cascade 220
Flowers - Bergere de  France Ideal
Hook: 3mm & 2.5mm

S x

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27 May 2014

Desert Cushion

Lately it seems there is a lot to be grateful and thankful for.

Today it is once again because of all of you that I feel that way.  I posted my new shawl pattern last week and you've  been absolute darlings about it, you really have.  Wonderful, supportive and just plain brilliant.  Thank you so much to everyone who has brought a copy, I really hope you enjoy making and wearing your shawls too!

In other news, it's been slow going on the crafty front around here lately.  There seems to be a lot going on and a lot to think about in our little family at the moment and peaceful crochet time has been in shorter supply than usual.  I have been very busy beavering away at my computer screen though.  Working up patterns, tutorials and other exciting crafty related treats for the weeks to come.

In the meantime though, do you find, like I do, that's it's actually incredibly hard to finish up all those left over bits and bobs of yarn from other projects?  I seen to have great difficulty with this.  Either I don't have the right colour, or the right weight, or quite the right amount to do what I have in mind.  So when I do dip into stash, I often either end up buying another colour, or running out something and needing a new ball, which then of course, has some left over at the end.

So my aim with this cushion was to make it completely from stash, working just from what I have and nothing else.  I had quite a collection of Baby Cashmerino at one time and I have lots of old bits and pieces left over, mostly in old discontinued colours, so I can't buy more even if I wanted too.

So I set about making squares.  The palette was mostly dictated by the colours I had, rather than my choices, with the exception of a few omitted on the grounds that I felt they really wouldn't work.  It was a quirky mix that I ended up with, but have a look what it made...

Do you like it?  I really, really do.  I think it's kind of zesty and zingy.

What amazes me is how good it manages to look with so little consideration of the colours.  I mean, you agonise over these things sometimes, pondering your choices, removing this colour, adding another, changing them back again, never quite sure what to do for the best.  Then, there's this, where I pulled out all the colours I had that I didn't have enough to do anything else with and shoved them in a basket and set to work and that was it.  It makes me wonder why I think so long and hard about these things the majority of the time - perhaps winging it is the way forward.

The other thing I love about this cushion is the way I joined the squares together.  It's nothing fancy, just through the back loop with double crochet (that's sc's for my US friends).  It's something I've been wanting to do for ages but I've just never found the right thing to use it on.  I've seen it used by other people a million times and to great effect, but  I've always ripped it out whenever I've tried it before.

It's those ridges  it creates that get me, they seem like vast mountain ranges that turn each square into a deep valley.  I almost, almost ripped it out this time too, but I'm so glad I didn't.  I love the white gridline effect and I even love the mountains and valleys, on this cushion at least.

And to show that this is really and truly a project of odd and ends only, take a look at the back.  A mismatched and 'grandma's old granny square blanket' piece of crochet as you'll ever see I think.  I very nearly raided my stash to find a nice new ball to make the back entirely cream but then I stopped myself.  No, the idea was to use up pieces of leftover yarn only and so I forced myself to work only with what I had left.

I confess, my neat, ordered, logical mind really wants that back to be all cream still.  It screams a little tiny bit to see the randomness of those colours, the disorder of one row in a colour and then three in another with no pattern or sense or cohesion to it at all.  It unsettles me.  But in another way I do love that it means it really is a true scrap cushion.  Left overs only.  Nothing new was brought, the cushion pad is from another cushion, it makes use of only what I already have.

Waste not, want not.  Nanna would be proud.



Squares from a pattern by Sidsel J. Høivik
Tutorial for Tiny Little Coat Squares by Lucy of Attic 24

Yarn: Scraps of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (mostly)
Hook: 3.5mm (3 USA)

Ravelry Page


S x

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22 May 2014

The Gyspy Shawl arrives at last!

Cast your minds back, waaaaay back to August of last year...  

Do you remember this little summery cotton shawl that I made?  You can read all about it here if you'd like.  If you were here with me back then you might recall how excited I got about the dangly flowers and the fact that I got so carried away with it, I even experimented with wearing it as a skirt.  Maybe the excitement had gone to my head, who knows.  Anyway, my intention was always to release a pattern of this 'Gypsy Shawl' as I am calling it.

Unfortunately it's taken me longer than usual to get my act together on this one.  What with one thing and another by the time I'd written the pattern and got myself organised the winter months were well upon us and the time hardly seemed right to be thinking of releasing summer-ish shawl patterns.  So the idea got put on hold for a bit until the warmer days came round again.

Of course, living in the UK as I do, warmer days aren't exactly ten a penny around here and things dragged on rather longer that I intended.  Some of you kind, wonderful people hadn't forgotten about the shawl though and sweet loves that you undoubtedly are, you were still eager for the pattern to arrive.  Thank goodness for your patience, kind readers, I appreciate and adore you for it.

Which makes me especially happy to tell you, that at last the days of waiting are over.  The pattern is ready and the pattern is here - yippee! 

As is always the case with patterns, it's important to have them tested to try and make sure any glaring errors are weeded out early on.  Of course, I try to do a lot of this work myself by making sure things are correct and checking everything but there comes a time when it is far better to have the eye of another cast their gaze upon it and see if it comes up wanting.

In this case, I had two pairs of particularly brilliant eyes focusing their attention upon it and I'm so grateful to them both for their help and their hard work in helping me make this pattern as clear, concise and correct as it can be.

So a huge thank you goes to the wonderful Carmen (NZCarms on Ravelry) and the equally fabulous Charlene, who I still always think of by her Ravelry name of Nanita.  Thank you so much to both of you, you've done a really great job!

I think it's time I showed you how to get hold of this pattern don't you? 


by Sandra Paul

To find out more information about the pattern, including yarn requirements:

Gypsy Shawl on Cherry Heart's Boutique

Gypsy Shawl pattern page on Ravelry

Or, if you like you can just buy the pattern right now using this link:


Thank you so much everyone for your kind support of all my patterns,
I really appreciate it so much.

And as always, if you have any pattern questions, queries, or if you just want to come and share your lovely projects for us to ooh and ahh over, please do come along to the Ravelry Group:

Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner

I'd love to see you there!

S x

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08 May 2014

Boho Stars

Don't adjust your sets folks, it really is that bright!

What's more, this colourful, out of this world, stellar capelet is actually intended to be worn.  Yep, really.

Ok, so I know that this is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, it's not exactly subtle after all, so who can blame you if you're a little startled.  In fact, I would hardly put myself into any of the 'out there' avant garde, radical or revolutionary fashion categories either, and I use the word 'fashion' in it's broadest sense here.  I would say I'm essentially conventional in my clothing tastes.



I love it!

I really do and I have done ever since I first got excited by the idea of it.  It was one of those times when the picture was almost fully formed as soon as it popped into my head.  It would have stars at the bottom, 'V' stitches at the top, with a nice gathered, crinkly edge at the neck line.  I wavered along the way, toying with making it a wrap, or joining it up into a poncho, but in the end the original plan won out and it became a little capelet thingy.  (For some reason, I am amazingly attracted to little capelet thingys.  Louisa Harding (Ravelry  Link) designs a lot of knitted ones and I nearly always love them.)

I love the way these colours look together too.  This was one of those happy projects where the colours came together nicely and each seems to work well with the other.  There were a couple of dodgy combinations in there which I tried to keep to a minimum but overall is was pure colour joy the whole way through.

It was interesting too seeing how the colours worked so together in when used in two different ways.  The way they come together to make the stars have quite a different dynamic to how the rows of 'V' stitch sit against each other.  I love the way the pale pink and the lime look next to each other on the top border section for example, but used together as a star, they looked a bit insipid and sickly.  I'm constantly amazed by how much the same colour can appear so different depending on how it's used.

I tried to get a decent picture of me wearing it, so you could see how it looked on, but it's a devilish difficult thing to do.  The shot below is the best I managed so I've shoved it in.  If nothing else, it shows the little blobs I added to the end of the ties.  It's a small detail but I love those so much.



Pattern:  A little figment of my imagination!

Yarn: Bergere de France - Ideal

20547 - Elephant (Dark Grey) 
 22375 - Balladone (Soft violet) 
 23026 - Danseuse (Soft pink) 
 23040 - Citonnier (lemony lime) 
 24257 - Persan (Steel Blue) 
 24408 - Pavot (Poppy) 
 24866 - Gernille (Brown) 
 24872 - Calanque (Peacock) 
 27303 - Emeraude (Emerald) 
 51253 - Meije (Cream)

Yardage: Approx 700 yards

Hook: 3.5mm


S x

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