I'm ready, where's the house?

I've finished the massive project that is the Babette Blanket.  Hurray for me!  

I'm really pleased with the end result and had a great time making it.  The sewing up stage did take a while but to be honest I really didn't mind it all that much, it was just so wonderful to see the squares pulling together to nicely and bringing the pattern to life.  I also added a border, just one row of each colour in the blanket, which really helps set the whole thing off beautifully.  (In my humble...)

I was making this as a house warming present for my sister's first house and I'm glad to say I got it finished in good time.  Too good time actually as I'm all done and she hasn't moved in yet!  However, she does actually own the house already, she's just waiting for some building work to be done before she gets in there herself.  Still, at least she will have a nice warm blanket ready and waiting for her.


  1. It's a really beautiful blanket. Wish I had one like it!

  2. Wow, I love the colors you used for your Babette! I've been meaning to start mine for some time now, but I need to finish another blanket first. I'd better hurry up!

  3. Gorgeous!! I have yet to be brave enough to try Babette. But you've inspired me to seriously consider it. Beautiful!

  4. That is totally awesome. I love it and there is so much time involved. Thanks for sharing. I just happened to run across your web page and was very pleased.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments Lori! (This blanket is one of my favs too.)

  6. oh wow! This is lovely. I am having a babette thing going on (and off ha ha) in bright colours - I love your colour choice. Well done you, it's a bit of task this one.....


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