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A flurry of Magical Snowflakes

As much as I love Christmas, it does feel like it's coming early this year.  Some homes already had their lights up in mid November, the films came to TV weeks ago and Instagram has been awash with trees since the day after Hallowe'en.  Maybe we are all just looking forward to it that bit more this year, maybe we just want this year over and done with, who knows? Anyway, as the end of November is fast approaching, I feel like the time is right for some moves in the festive direction.  I'll be saving all my Christmas fun for December, but it doesn't hurt to be a little prepared.  I've started to think about what I'd like to be making during this season and one of the things I'd like to return to, is this blanket design that I started working on last year. I've been wanting to make a Christmas blanket for a while now and after playing around with ideas, I came up with these snowflakes t

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