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Monthly Musings - January

I was thinking recently about this whole blog posting lark.  I was in somewhat retrospective mode, as is sometimes the case at the end of the year, and I decided that although I don't really often get the urge to blog anymore, I do really love the record of daily life that I used to keep here.  Just those mundane, everyday moments that tick by.  Totally insignificant and yet so important.

As usual, no grand revelations here, I'm not saying anything remotely new.  But I guess I've just remembered why I started this blog, and what I enjoy about it.  It's about recording my very ordinary days and shoving a picture or two on here, so that once in a while, I can look back on it and remember and re-discover those moments.

If I'm honest, I can't see myself blogging any more frequently than I have been lately.  I know I can't keep up podcasting and blogging at the same rate, it just doesn't work for me.  I find that in those idle moments when I 'talk' …

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