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Fluttering By Shawl

I haven't made a lace weight shawl in a while and coming up with this one has totally made me fall completely in love with them all over again.  Crochet and lace yarn is such an elegant combination.
This is my Fluttering By shawl, which is such a light and open, lacy thing that it's been so easy to wear.  I think it looks lovely on, it really tops off an outfit beautifully and it's so delicate and airy that I've been able to keep wearing it right through spring and into the summer.

The name is inspired by the stitch pattern that I've used for this design, which, with a little imagination could be said to resemble a flock of butterflies perching at rest.  Albeit in quite a uniform and organised way!  
I wanted to echo that butterfly shape along the border too, so you'll see some more butterflies dancing along the edges.  I love the shape of them, but I also adore the way that they start flitting and fluttering around as you move.
Working with lace for the first…

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