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There'll be bluebirds...

On my last podcast I was wearing a little bluebird necklace and I promised I'd get the pattern up on the blog for you.
Well, as may have reasonably been predicted, I'm a little later than advertised.  (Ooops!)  But, I am here at last and I come bearing the pattern for you... hoorah.

I made this little birdie quite some time ago for a magazine, the original version had a separate wing that had to be sewn on but coming back to the pattern I couldn't remember why I had come up with that method and so I've modified this little chap so that he can be made all in one piece.  A much better idea if you ask me.

He's actually based more on a swallow than a bluebird if truth be told, hence the tail shape, but as I made the originals in a beautiful bright blue, the bluebird name kind of stuck with me, so that's what he's known as!
This is one of those quickie little motifs that you can make up in any old size by simply varying the yarn and hook you use, or even by hol…

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