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Pearly Dots Socks

I'm so pleased with how my latest socks turned out, they were one of those joyful little projects that I enjoyed making too.  The pattern for these is one of mine and it's a brand new one...  I'm calling them my 'Pearly Dot Socks'!
I've actually made a few pairs of these socks now and I think they have to be my favourite to date.  I love the simple but pretty eyelet pattern and that cute cuff just tops it off to a tee for me.  The originals I made with yarn gifted to me from the lovely Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats.  It was a gorgeous new yarn base she was trying out, South Atlantic Silky, which used silk instead of nylon to add some sock worthy strength to the fibres.  It was a beautiful yarn to use, soft as butter, with a delicate sheen from the silk.

So, after my usual dithering about with patterns, I'm really pleased to now get this one out there and into the world.  There are three different sizes to choose from and I've also done some photo tu…

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