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Spice of Life CAL 2021 | Part 3

To be honest, it's been a little too hot around here think week to even think about blankets, let alone be working on one.  But with a gentle fan breeze wafting and copious amounts of iced coffee, I've managed to add a few rows all the same.  After all, not all of you will be in these warmer climes and may well be more able to contemplate such cosy activities. So for you, and ready for everyone else once they have cooled down a bit, here's the next instalment... : : As I'm sure you'll know by now, you can use the 'Original Remix' pack to follow the 'Original' colour change scheme as written into the pattern, or you can follow along with the version I'm making now where I'm going for a little colour 'Remix' and rearranging the colours in a new way.   Original Remix Yarn Packs  from Black Sheep Wools I'm just listing my new colour changes listed here, so you'll also need a copy of the written pattern so that you can follow al

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