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Daisy Puffs Blanket

The last time I managed to get a post written was when I was telling you about my Crochet Star Quilt , well once that was finally complete and both the blanket and the pattern had made it to completion I was ready to move to the next item on my list, this Daisy Puffs Blanket. I started this one back in September of last year, but its origins go way further back than that.  This is actually a reprise of the Daisy Puffagons that I made for a cushion cover way back in 2013, a mere ten years ago, yikes!  Those were teeny tiny hexagons, and although I wanted something a little larger this time, that center puffy flower I thought would be just perfect. So this blanket started to come about.  I really have no idea why I made it, it has no purpose or reason.  It's been made for the simple fact that I had an idea and wanted to try it out and really I suppose, for the sheer joy of doing it.  Because I have really enjoyed making this blanket.  I've enjoyed the colours and working with

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