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Toasty Twirls

Exciting news today everyone, it's time for a new pattern release!
Well, I hope you'll find it exciting anyway.  I've been really looking forward to getting this one out into the world, but I must admit I've been dragging my heels a little too...
I think I've mentioned before that I always find pushing the publish button on a pattern release quite a big deal.  It can't be done at any old time I find, I always need to be feeling quite brave.  It's one of those moments you really have to 'psych yourself up' for.  It seems I haven't been feeling all that brave just lately because I've found myself dithering.
But I really need to get myself together, stop finding reasons to procrastinate and take the plunge.   So here I am, standing ready with my Toasty Twirls socks to present to you.
What do you think?

I've designed these socks to be a great way to show off your most pretty and treasured hanks of yarn. The ones where you want to enjoy all …

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