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Summer is here... except it isn't!

Ideally of course I'd be wearing this to model it for you, but if you saw the state of the weather and, well, me this morning, you'd believe me, it's better this way! Of course this is partly because I've made this gorgeous summery shrug in the depths of winter, but it's so pretty that when I saw the pattern, I couldn't resist getting started straight away.  It's from Emma Escott's ( Lulu Loves ) new book Romantic Crochet, which I shared a little of in episode 96 of my podcast. This is a lovely little project to make, nice and easy, super quick and very pretty too.   I didn't make any changes to the pattern, just whipped it up as specified and it turned out perfectly.  It turns out that I got gauge nicely on this one, even though I must admit, I didn't bother to check before I started. There is only one size in the book, presumably because it's simple to adjust, and Emma does tell you how to do that in the instructions. I used Drops Belle f

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