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Stonewashed Painted Roses

This pattern has been on quite the journey with me.  I first came up with the motif design and the original baby blanket way back in 2014.  You can find the pattern here: Painted Roses Blanket .  I've made a few different variations since too, including my 'Faded' version two years later.  Well, it turns out I just can't leave this one alone, as I'm back at it again. This time, it was the yarn that drew me in.  The lovely Stonewashed yarn by Scheepjes had been around a while now, but it took me ages to actually give it a whirl.  Once I did, I was hooked - if you'll pardon the pun!  I had a hunch that the Painted Roses squares would look really lovely in this yarn and I have to say I think it's a pretty wonderful pairing. After that little experiment I just had to do more and so I started playing with colour combinations and well, one thing lead to another!  I couldn't quite decide on which of my favourites to go for, so in the end I decided not too ch

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