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Golden Summer Breeze

For me, up here in the northern hemisphere, summer has undoubtably shifted into autumn and late autumn as that.  Despite that, I'm here to share my latest pattern with you, a shawl inspired by the summer season! Actually, it's almost two shawls in a way, because I have two variations included in this pattern.  By changing the colours and tweaking the border elements, two quite distinct styles have emerged and I happen to really love them both.  I hope you do too. The first version, which I'm calling 'Summer Breeze' is all about sliding into summer gently, slowly leaving spring blossoms behind and embracing warmer days.  It's the peach version you can see in the pictures here and I've added some cute blossom like flowers and some foliage like loops for a pretty and decorative look.  I love how these border blooms sway in the breeze. The second version, which I made more recently is about the joy of the gol

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