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Rainbows and a Silver Lining

How are you keeping, Dear Readers?  Very well I hope.

I finally caught up with the rest of the UK and probably the world, when I realised that people are making rainbow pictures to put in their windows.  Like many makers out there, naturally my first thought was why draw one, when I can make one?

So in the last day or two, I decided I'd dive into my cotton scraps and see what I could rustle up.  I've got a heap of the Stylecraft Naturals yarn next to me from the other projects I've been working on lately, which was just begging to be used and I dug out some old Cascade Pima Cotton to supplement my rainbow colours a little.

I wanted to make a rainbow, obviously because that what this hopeful sign is all about, but I wanted to add something else to it as well.  As a rather pessimistic soul at heart (although I would call it realism),  I've always been quite adept at spotting the flaws in any given situation, but it's also been my practise for quite a while now to m…

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