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Pattern updates

I'm glad to say that the school holidays have started here this week, although with a 'summer revision' plan in place for Little Miss and her looming exams next year, I'm not sure how much difference there will be from the home schooling schedule that we've been working from lately.
Still, with her beavering away at revision, it gives me a good reason to do something productive and so I thought I'd share a few pattern updates I've been working on.  Messing about sorting out my pattern links and purchasing options the other day got me into a kind of organising kind of mood so I've been working on updating some of my older patterns.  
For a while now,  my new pattern releases have been available in a choice of UK or US terms, rather than just UK terms, as I used to do originally.  I've wanting to go back and offer the same option for some of my older patterns too.  I'd already done the…

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