Here's where you will find answers to all of the common questions and queries that tend to come up.  Hopefully it'll help you find the information you need quickly.

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Tools - My favourite crafting tools
Pattern Purchases - Where and how to buy and purchase problems
Pattern Support - Pattern queries and reporting an error
Pattern Use - Using my patterns for workshops, teaching and CALs
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What crochet hooks do you like best?
My firm favourites are the Tulip Etimo hooks.  I have an Etimo Rose set .  They have a soft touch handle so they very comfortable to hold and a lot easier on the hands.  They also have a beautifully sleek and rounded head, so it just slides through the yarn beautifully!

What camera do you film on?
For video I now have a range of options.  My trusty iPhone is good for grabbing shots out and about.  I have now moved on a Sony ZV-E10 for a lot of my vlog style videos which I often use with a Sony E16-55mm/f2.8 G lens.  Finally, for podcasts I tend to stick to my Sony ZV-1.

What do you use for photos?
Honestly, most of the time I use my iPhone now.  But if I'm getting the 'big camera' out, I still love my very trusty old Canon EOS 70D with the 18-55mm lens it came with or a EF 50 mm fixed lens.

What Sewing machine do you use?
I recently upgraded my machine to a Janome 5120 QDC which I love! (Closest available: Janome 5060)  This was after many years of using my faithful Janome DC3050 (Closest available: Janome 423S)


How do I buy your patterns?
I sell through Ravelry, Etsy and Love Crafts. You can also find all my patterns listed here.
To find out more about buying from me, visit the Shop Information page.

I can't download my pattern?
I sell my patterns through third party platforms and delivery of your file will therefore made using their automated systems.  Depending on where you purchased your pattern, please see the advice below.
  • Ravelry: Please log into your Ravelry account and download the pattern from your "Library", or visit the Ravelry Help Page for purchase problems.
  • Love Crafts: Please log into your account and download the pattern from "My Library", or visit the Love Crafts Help Centre for more information.
  • Etsy: PLEASE NOTE that you CAN NOT download files while using the ETSY APP.  You will need to exit the app and navigate to the Etsy website using your browser.  Then please log into your Etsy account and use the 'Download Files' button on the "Purchases and Reviews" page, or visit the Etsy Help Page.  
I haven't received my confirmation email?
Please check your junk/spam/bulk folders.  Many email clients automatically divert these types of email, and in most cases this is the problem.  If you can't find your email there, please contact me with details of the purchase and I can check the transaction completed successfully for you.

My Ravelry download link doesn't work?
These links are automatically generated by Ravelry's system, however they do expire after a period of time.  You can still access your pattern by logging into your account and downloading the pattern from your "Library".  You can also use the Ravelry Purchase Finder page.


I'm stuck on a pattern can you help?
I'm glad to help you with pattern queries, but it can take me a while to catch up with emails and reply to you.  There are lots of other places where you may be able to get help more quickly though:
I think I've found an error in a pattern?
Oh no!  Although all of my patterns are checked thoroughly, I'm afraid this does still sometimes happen, so please do let me know the name of the patten and relevant section and row number and I'll check it for you as soon as I can.  


Can I sell things I make from your patterns?
All my patterns are licensed for your own personal use only. So as long as you will be making the item you plan on selling, it should be fine. Check out my Copyright page for full details.

Can I use your patterns for a shop or festival sample?
All my patterns are licensed for your own personal use only. So as long as you will be making the item you plan on displaying, it should be fine. Check out my Copyright page for full details.

Can I use your pattern for teaching/workshops/classes?
Usually, but this is 'non-personal use' so please do get in touch using the Contact Me page first.
I can provide licensed copies of my patterns for you to use for teaching.

Can I use your pattern for a CAL I'm running?
Lots of people are organising CALs to help people socialise online at the moment so I'd be happy for you to do this, just keep the following in mind:
  • Free Patterns: Yes absolutely, my free patterns are available to anyone to download.  Please just encourage your participants to come to my site and download their own copy of the pattern.  
  • Paid Patterns: All my patterns are licensee for your own personal use only.  So as long as each participant is willing to buy their own copy of the pattern this is absolutely fine.  If you are a shop owner organising the CAL, you can use Ravelry 'In-store Sales' to get patterns for your customers at special rates.  Or you can Contact Me to find out about trade pricing.


Can I buy ready made items from you?
No sorry, I don't accept commissions.  I prefer to concentrate on working on my pattern designs.

How do I contact you?
If you'd like to ask me a question or send me a message you can use the Contact Me page.

Last updated: 4th April 2024