I'm Sandra, wife to a kind and generous Hubs and Mummy to one darling Little Miss.  We live in a little village in Bedfordshire with Bertie, our cheeky miniature dachshund and Stanley, our affectionate cat and home is pretty much my favourite place to be.

After a childhood filled with many happy hours of drawing, sticking, making and the odd piece of knitting or sewing, I suppose it should really come as no surprise that once the (slighter) faster paced years were through, I found my creative side ready and waiting for me again.

My first loves are crochet, knitting and thinking up new pattern ideas. I've fallen in love with sewing, I enjoy quilting and I've also been known to try a little embroidery, cross stitch or weaving.  All with an audio book or crafty podcast to keep me company.

When I started this blog, way back in 2009, it was to join in with a community of makers that I found sharing ideas online.  I never imagined for one moment that it turn from a hobby to pass the time into an occupation to fill my time.  (Blogging to make money and 'get noticed' wasn't a thing way back then!)  But I've been amazingly lucky because I've ended up meeting some amazing people, making some fabulous friends and it's led me to all kinds of other wonderful opportunities.

So these days my time is filled with juggling my wifely and motherly duties along with pattern design, commission work, blog writing, podcasting and occasionally even a little housework.  But mostly, even when I should be doing those things, I'm crafting.

S x

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