Rosie Posie Blankie

I thought a finished blanket deserved a blog post and so here we are...  This blanket actually had it's origins back in the Spring when I looked out of my kitchen window and saw the blossoms and leaves appearing and making a lovely blend of colours.  It was a combo I knew I wanted to use, although I had no idea what for.

I found some yarn to match the fresh looking mix of colours I saw and decided that the four colours would work well in my Rosie Posie Squares, a little granny square style design I came up with a million or so years ago. (Linked below)  I made a few motifs up with no particular idea of what to do with them and I liked how they looked.  I remember sitting outside in the warm spring sunshine working on these and enjoyed it so much I just kind of kept going, changing the order of the colours each time and working up square after square.

In the end I decided to work out all the possible colour combinations I could get with these four colours and set about making them all.  I figured that if I worked two squares in each of the versions I would probably have enough for a small, baby sized blanket and that would be a nice kind of size to work on. 

So it became a 'just because' blanket.  Not one I needed, but a thing to make for the fun of making.  IT's soothing working off these layers of rounds and then turning then into squares.  As usual while making a blanket, I pondered the matter of the border.  Every blanket needs some kind of border I think and as I work on my blankets I ponder on ideas of what might work for this particular one.  Which style will suit it best?  Wide or narrow?  Lacy or plain?  One colour or many?

For this one I decided something a bit more playful would be good so I decided to try out a pom pom style border.  I've seen quite a few of these style borders and wanted to try it out somewhere so this seemed like a good opportunity.  I knew it should be the boldest pink that I used though.  Sometimes these things just seem to speak to you as you work on them and this one was saying 'bright pink' please!  So that's what I did.

I've been chatting away about this blanket on my podcasts lately and after thinking it would be good to update the Rosie Posie photo tutorial to a video version, the general consensus seemed to be that adding one for the border would be appreciated too.  So I've made a video for that too.

I made this blanket on a whim really and just from yarn I mostly already had in stash, so I haven't really kept track of all the details of yardage and amounts and so on.  But I have got all the colour information and I did also weigh the blanket and so I can give you a rough idea of how much I used to make mine here.  Hopefully that'll give you a starting point but obviously it really depends on what yarn you use and how big you want to go!  I'll put all the details I have below anyway.

Pattern | I reused my Rosie Posie Square tutorial for the squares and added a pom pom border to finish.
Tutorial Links | See my new Rosie Posie Page

Hook | 3.5mm
Yarn | Scheepjes Stone Washed
Colours | Lemon Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Moonstone

Yardage (A rough guide)
Square - 18 yds
Blanket (6 x 8 squares) - 300g / 852 yds
Border - 98g / 278 yds
Whole Project - 398g / 1130 yds
All amounts are approximate!

Squares  - 9cm / 3.5"
Blanket before Border (6 x 8 squares) - 52 x 70cm / 20.5 x 27.5"
Blanket, border & pom poms - 63 x 80cm / 24.75" x 31.5"

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  1. What a gorgeous blanket! So love the colours - a perfect reminder of spring blossoms.

  2. Such a pretty blanket, I love the soft colours.

  3. This is so beautiful

  4. This is so pretty! Every time l see this blanket on lnstagram, the word that comes into my head is "juicy"😊 The colours are gorgeous

    1. Ha ha! Yes I think juicy is a perfect word for this! Thanks so much. S x