Winter Wonderful

What a lovely weekend I've just had.

Last weekend it was running around it the mud (for Little Miss anyway).

This weekend it's time for snow boots.

 I've had a lovely mixture of girly, me and family time this weekend and it been lovely.

First, on Saturday, girly time.  My Sister in Law is getting married next year and Saturday was the 'trying on wedding dresses' day.  What a fabulous way to spend the morning.  My SIL is a very pretty and very slight little thing, only a size 8 (that's a 4 in American money) and so everything she put on looked absolutely stunning.  She tried many shapes and styles but there was one that stood out above the others and captured her uniqueness and beauty perfectly.  I can't wait to see her in it next year, ohh, the tears are welling up just thinking of it!

Next, me time.  In the same town as the wedding dress shop there are a number interesting establishments, so I had a lovely hour or so afterwards wandering around a delightful place full of vintage clothes, jewellery, buttons, fabric, lace.  I didn't buy anything in there (with some difficulty) but I did enjoy looking.

I did pick up a few bits at the fabric shop down the road though.

Some things I need for a project I'm just starting (more on that soon) and some linen, just because I've been wanting some for a while.

That was a very enjoyable day indeed, I felt most refreshed and happy after it.  I drove home, snuggled under a blanket and in the darkness, the snow started to fall.

So Sunday was a lovely family day of snowmen, sledging, wet clothes, hot chocolate and fireside playing.

I couldn't have asked for better.

S x


  1. And I bet your little lady loved the snow as much as you did the me time and wedding shopping :D

  2. What a great weekend! I love the snow. Wish it had stayed a little longer. I had a lovely afternoon ironing with a mug of hot chocolate while watching the snow fall. Lovely! xx

  3. :) What a great 'pick me up' post.

  4. Aren't weekends the very best? Sounds like yours was well rounded. Hope your week is a wonderful one as well.

  5. oh I'm jealous of all your lovely snow! we have none in Cornwall :( booo!
    Jessie, xo

  6. Curious to see what the project with the lace will be!

  7. sounds like you all had a wonderful time


  8. All the snow can stay at your house if you want it. We've been enjoying our unusually warm winter. Normally we have 6-18 inches of snow on the ground at this time of year.

    Yesterday, it was 51 degrees!

  9. Your weekend sounds awesome! Love the look of that beautiful lace and I look forward to seeing what it will be used on


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