Something for a boy

I like making 'pretty' things.  Which, put another way I suppose, means I like making girly things.  I hadn't really thought of it that way, not until I came to make something for a boy.

What do boys like?  We all know what they are made of, 'slugs and snails and puppy dog's tails' of course.  But what, I wondered, do they like?  What sort of crafty concoction can you come up with that they will except?

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have sons who will know the answer to these questions.  But as the mother of one daughter, as a person who grew up with no brothers, I found myself at a little of a loss on where to start.  I didn't really know what to make, let alone what on earth it should look like.  My natural crafty instinct didn't come up with anything that fit the bill.  I'd been pondering the problem for a while when I finally hit upon the solution.

It was the beehive cushion that made me think of it.  I would make him a cushion in a similar style.  A patchwork side, a linen side, a bit of applique, lose the lace... yes, it could work!  I set to work with the colour scheme I'd been given:  'Blues, greens, yellows and he says orange too?'

I was pretty happy with this selection.  I've managed to build up a nice little stock of fabrics to pick from now and I also had a few of Hubby Dear's old work shirts that would fit in nicely.  A nice square patchwork came together, which I set off with a little 'manly' ric rac. 

I was quite happy with my applique letters.  It took ages, but I managed to sew them on reasonably neatly.    I also sneaked in a touch of embroidery...

 A little football themed embellishment, which is so very appropriate for the new owner of this cushion.

So there it is, a boyish cushion for a football crazy small person.  What do you think? 

I have my fingers crossed that he'll like it.

S x


  1. That is excellent - love the way you have made a pretty cushion - masculine! He is sure to love it :)

  2. You have done really well to make a boy cushion that is not brown and khaki! I have one son and no daughters but I am really lucky in that my son is very open minded about colours and patterns etc. so I can get away with more prettifying! Lily. xxx

  3. I really do think he will love it.

    It's funny isn't it how crafting for girls comes easy .. I have the same problem after having a daughter all my makes are mainly girls..I find it much harder to design knits for boys.

    You've done a really good job.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fleur xx

    ps. I've got a giveaway going at the moment you may be interested in, pop over is you have the time. x

  4. I love the football! I'm sure he will like it too!

  5. Very nice! I'm sure he will love it.

  6. Well I love it! What a lucky boy

  7. It's great. love the soccerball dotting the 'i" and the ric rac.

  8. It's great. love the soccerball dotting the 'i" and the ric rac.

  9. It's great. love the soccerball dotting the 'i" and the ric rac.

  10. Oh I think it's fabulous.......super cushion - what a lucky boy Caiden is! Great fabrics and a lovely design.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carole :-)

  11. That is really lovely - clever you xx

  12. Love it!! Love the fabrics, and what a sweet name!! Love the soccer ball! Such a great touch!! Have a great Friday!! xo Heather

  13. Being the mother of a son, he is going to love it. I often think must folks do not think boys would like stuff as much as girls. Boys love handmade things too.

    The whole pillow is adorable, but the stitching you did to create the sense of movement for the soccer/football is priceless.

    blessings, jilly

  14. As a mother of 2 boy I bet he will love the cushion, I know they would. It really is a wonderful cushion.

    I think boys fabric is so hard to find, it's either too young or non existent!! My boys really want me to make a quilt for them, but I want a fabric that will grow with them for a few years and cant find anything!!

  15. It's a great cushion and I'm sure he will love it. My son loves football so it would be a hit with him. My daughter made my son a cushion for his birthday in the shape of a zombie character from a computer game he plays! He loved that it was unique and handmade.

  16. The cushion is gorgeous and PERFECT for a football mad boy! Cx

  17. Wow, it is great idea and so nice pillow for little boy!

    PS: I have to say that your blog is really lovely! And hexagons... I have to look at :-)


  18. I too love to sew girly BUT I have only sons! For me the challenge is making something for a boy that's still whimsical and nice. I really like this you nailed it!!

  19. About 98% of the things I sew are 'girly' - I just can't help it. there are so many cute polka dot and pink fabrics... you found the perfect balance between beautiful yet manly enough to please a boy. I'm sure he'll love it!!


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