Making hay while the sun shines

You know, I think I'm getting used to this unsatisfactory 'summer' that we've been having.  For the most part, so far, it's been awful but punctuated with moments of delightful sun.  My word, how I'm learning to appreciate it when it does decide to shine.  Yesterday was like this.

So the washing was out on the line and I got stuck into long over-due weeding.  My garden is actually doing quite well under this strictly reduced sun regime.  Normally the grass is dead and the flowers are limp by now.

Today seems undecided, but if the fine weather lasts long enough, I'm ready to pounce (like a ninja) with a barbecue.  Make hay while the sun shines they say and it seems the only way to go this year.

But when those rainy days do come pouring down on us, I find other things to do.  Recent fabric arrivals have meant that there's fresh inspiration all around.

And of course, I still have some hexagons left from my swap with Himiko.

I've been wanted to try my hand at a fabric notebook cover for a little while now.  I've seen them here and there in blogland.

I do love working on these little projects, they are so satisfying.

I do think it's sweet although, I didn't quite get the size perfect.

Can you see the edge of the book sticking out a little at the bottom and top of the spine area?  Obviously I needed a little more allowance than I gave it.  Never mind, I love it still!

Then, of course, I couldn't ignore those lovely new nostalgic fabrics once they came dropping though my letterbox all the way from America.  Certainly not.

I whipped up a cute little tomato pincushion.

I can't tell you how much I love this and it's all down to those fabulous fabrics.  Yum!

I did trash one of the leaves a bit though.

But, lazy though it may be, it didn't bother me enough to fix it.  The leaf edges are supposed to get a bit rough and frayed.  That's my excuse anyway.

The weather man says that tomorrow will be like this again.

So it looks as though I may have to stay indoors and work on my giant blanket of tiny squares.  That will be a shame!

S x

Oh, and a little PS....

I've decide to have a little go at Twittering.  I'm not sure how I'll get on with it to be honest, I never did get going with that 'Facebook' thing but we'll see.  If you fancy following me there, please do.  Here's the link to me and I'll also put in the sidebar with the other 'Follow Me' stuff.  ♥


  1. I love it, love it... your notebook cover is gorgeous, the colours perfect! Fingers crossed for a nice sunny July and August x

  2. Love you little tomato pin cushion! So sweet!
    Victoria xx

  3. the little imperfections make it perfect!!! love your notebook!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  4. everything looks just great!

  5. I love your notebook cover! I have made several of these and it is hard to get them to fit right. But never mind, it looks perfect to me:)
    We are having nothing but sun here in Indiana. Please send us some rain!

  6. wow! i love your book cover! simply perfect. :)

  7. That is how our summers are. If it is sunny, everything inside can wait!
    Love all the new fabrics. I am in a fabric buying mood and I really don't need any!

  8. I love your sweet little hexie book, the fabrics are charming and make me smile.

  9. It's been less than sunny here as well, but like you, everything is green and growing. Can I say thanks for sharing all the lovely eye candy? You brighten up a dreary day with such pretties.

  10. Love your note book cover and pin cushion:)

    The weeds seem to be loving this weather, I have to rescue my little veg plants from the clutches of the weeds as soon as there is ever a dry spell!


  11. Love i all to be honest but most of all just love your totally down to earth yet scrumdidly approach!
    Kindest regards Linda

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I have hexie love lately and this post is just great! Also the pincushion is super cute. Hope your rain lets up soon!

  13. Your notebook is very cute. It aches to be written in. I've heard you've had some rotten weather this summer; I'll trade some 90 degree days here in Florida with some of your cooler rainy days!

  14. Ah more stunning projects from you :)
    It's funny, I just assumed you were in America which was a bit silly!
    The recent summer here was a bit of a non-event too, lots of rain and cold days. We're having quite a cold Winter at present (although you would probably think it warm!)

  15. Aw, your notebook cover is adorable, and I just love your new fabrics! Where did you get the sweet chick fabric? Too cute! xo Heather

  16. Hi Sandra - i love your notebook cover. Where did you get the plain linen fabric from. I see fabric like that on lots of projects but I never know what it is (I am very ignorant about fabric). I am actually liking this summer. I find hot days going on and on become like a battle. As you said, the couple of nice days we get in between rain can be really enjoyed and then we have a perfect excuse to do something contrasting when it rains. Just tried to tweet you (my first ever tweet) but not at all sure what I was doing!! Lily. xxx

  17. oh I love the little notebook cover, it is so cute!

  18. More wonderful makes! Love your notebook!fabric stash is so pretty :-)
    Carole x

  19. Your notebook and pincushion are gorgeous and I love your photos.

  20. Lovely notebook cover .... I guess with all this rain we've been having your projects have all been coming on well!! - the only advantage of a wet summer!

    Have a happy week.
    Fleur xx

  21. J'aime votre coussin à épingle.
    J'aimerais connaitre le patron.
    Bonne journée


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