I don't believe you wanted to do that!

I have been playing with Blogger today.  Blogger and Google+ in fact.  Mostly this has been all to the good and I've updated my 'follow me' links on the right-hand sidebar there.  You can now find me on Instagram and Threadbias, should you choose to.

So, that's the good stuff.

Then, something else happened.  I made a major and I mean MA-J-OR boo boo!  I was messing around in Google+ when I suddenly discovered some photos lurking in there.  "How did they get there" I wondered?  "Google and Blogger they're all linked, that must be it" I thought. 

Then came my colossal mistake; "Oh well, I don't need them in Google+ too" I said to myself and started deleting albums merrily.  Well quite.  Exactly.

Yep, they are linked, which means if it goes missing from Google+, it goes missing from Blogger, which results in an awful lot of this...

How stupid do I feel, how annoyed?  'Very' doesn't quite cover it.

Suffice to say, you may find a few holes around here if you go a-browsing for a while.  I shall try to put back as many photos as I can, starting with the tutorials  ("No........") and other oft stopped upon pages.

If you find something missing and you'd really love to see it, let me know and I'll get on to it as soon as possible for you.

In the meantime, I'm off to trawl through my old photos and bang my head on a wall!

S x


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you posted this, I was wondering about google+ the other day. What a pain! I still hold my breath every time I make a change to my blog for fear I may not get everything to work right. Good luck to you restoring your pictures. Your blog still looks great!

  2. Ow wow! Sorry to hear that! Maybe you can store it on flickr? There's no store limit and you can delete your +google account :) x

  3. What perfect timing -- You are not alone-- I am struggling so much making friends and feeling comfortable with my new Ipad

  4. On no Sandra! I hope it doesn't take you too long to fill in all the gaps x

  5. Oh no, you poor thing, I would be devastated. I hope you can recover and find everything.
    Anne xx

  6. So sorry to hear that!!! Thanks for sharing your experience, because it will keep us alert. Good luck in your replacement process.

  7. I also learned the hard way that *everything* in Google is linked. I hope it doesn't take too long to put everything back where it belongs.

  8. You poor thing. I know quite a few bloggers caught out by this. I wish they'd make the link much more obvious. I hope it's not too painful to fix it up xxx

  9. Hi Sandra,

    A word of warning - I also use Google blogger and on Saturday night discovered I had put so many images on my blog that I was out of storage space! Fortunately I was able to delete a lot of personal non-blog related images from my Google account and get more space, but no doubt it will fill up again soon - not sure what I'll do then!


  10. Gosh that blogger really is delicate, I had to start a whole new blog last year after to much fiddling around.
    Hope you get it sorted
    Karen x

  11. Omg, so sorry to hear that! Poor thing :-(. I keep my fingers crossed that it will not take too long to fill up all that.

  12. I can only imagine how you felt as I am new to the world of blogging! Good luck.

  13. I almost did the same thing but I was too chicken that the very thing you mentioned would happen. I hope you get it all sorted and set right soon. That'll teach us to be tidy and organized... lol.

  14. As someone who is very new to the whole blogging experience, I do sympathise! I'm finding all the possibilities very confusing!

  15. oh no! What is this Threadbias thing????? :)

  16. Hello! I found a missing image today - on my blog! Your button for the pretty home challenge must have been part of the big delete!


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