Cosy Crochet Chat

I've been having a chat with Verity from Knit Stitch Sew, check out her blog for the interview...

S x


  1. Oooohhh great, heading over there now! :)

  2. read it!!! you had the same the problem as me with me : how to hold the yarn in your left hand!!!
    I really appreciate your tips : thank you!!!
    xxx Ale

  3. Adoro seu blog
    a cada dia mais coisa linda!
    beijoca Nilda

  4. What a fab interview :) I so agree with your comment that crochet is trickier to learn but quicker once you know how. I remember my friend teaching me about 7yrs ago now and my tension was so tight and I was so ingrained with knitting that I was picking up the stitches with my fingers and dropping them off the end of the hook. So embarrassing!!!!! I don't do that anymore......honestly!!!!! x

  5. thanks Sandra ;-)


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