Cutie Cushion

Well, the Stripy Mitts seemed to be quite happily received.  Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about them.  I really appreciate it, I do, I do!

Also, you were all very kind about my new seat cushions too.  I haven't gotten around to my replies yet, I shall try to catch up soon.  In the meantime though, as a reward for your continued fabulousness, I have been working on my 'Rosie Posie' Grannie Square (that's what I'm calling them) tutorial and that will be here very, very soon.  Maybe even next time.

Just one more thing.  My Facebook page has been going a little crazy the last week or so too, so hello to any new people who have popped over from Facebook.  Nice to see you!

 But back to the here and now.  Actually, not so much the here and now, more the then and there, because this story begins back in the dark distant past of January.

For it was way back then that I began work on today's crafty offering.  I picked fabrics, I oohed, I aahed.  I decided that I really ought to do something more productive than just stand staring at my pretty little arrangement, so I started cutting with the aim of making a Dresden plate with them.

The plan was to make a new cushion for Little Miss to have on her bed.  Her old one, of pink gingham, was looking a little worse for wear and not having a removable cover for convenient washing, I decided a replacement was in order.

So I sewed up my pretty Dresden and I ooh and aahed some more, feeling that some lovely things were going on in the world of Cherry Heart on that fine day.  I took the dresden over to the cushion pad to see how the thing was shaping up so far and.... was too big.

 Slight problem, I all my excitement of pretty fabrics and fabulous ideas, I have forgotten practical, useful things like measurements and checking.  Humm.  Not so clever.

Oh, well, no matter.  This little Dresden was far to good to waste so I cheerfully put it to one side, ready to make it into a bigger cushion when I'd found a new pad the right sort of size.  No problem.

Except that, once it had got it's self put down it seemed to take me an awful long time to pick it up again.  I don't know why, because I loved it a lot.  I think it suffered from being made around the time of the 'Great Hooky Case Disappointment of 2012' and that little episode somehow made me loath to tackle the sewing machine again for a while.

Luckily though, going by the pictures you've seen so far, you know already that this story has a happy ending.  The Dresden did get picked up again and the cushion did get made.  Yippee!

I even got brave enough to tackle bobble edging, which I love and adore but gives me sewing nightmares. It did work out ok on this though, so maybe there's hope for me yet.  My Little Miss is very happy with it, especially as it still has pink gingham on it (I used it as the backing fabric), and I even included some purple (the crocheted button band on the back).

So, in the end, everyone is happy.

S x


  1. Hey Sandra! I loooooove this pillow!!! IT is soo pretty and bright, brings a lot of much needed positive sunshine in our lovely weather. Can I ask what is the name of this fabric collection, please? it is very pretty.x

  2. Wow! I love it, the bobbly bit is so cute! Little bubs said, she would love one of these in her new room. Hehe... The only trouble with being a super talented, crafty Aunty with a cheeky sister. :-)

  3. Such a very sweet pillow! :) Hugs, xo Holly

  4. Cute is the word but beautiful too and impressive and lovely and I wish I could make gorgeous cushions like that!
    Love the little hearts

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Good Lord, her first words!! lol! Yes, she has a cheeky Mummy indeed, that girl. Luckily she is such an adorable niece, her Mummy is forgiven ;-) and Aunties like to please their nieces!! I shall add it to the list my Sweetie. xx

  6. Hi Sandra, I am Shari over at Kashmere Kisses! Your cushion is so lovely and I can see why your little girl loves it so! Love your fabric of choice, Love your blog, Love everything!
    I will return soon to see what's in store next!
    Have a lovely week, Shari!

  7. Wow, what a beautiful cushion, you have amazing taste in fabric!!


  8. I was shocked they were her first words as well... but she really loved it I guess?! hehe

    How long is this list?

  9. Big fan of mini pom pom trim! It makes any cushion even cuter x

  10. Oh I LOVE the fabric! I wonder if it is available here in the States?
    I have 2 grand nephews (twins!) and I love them to bits, but I don't have any wee ones (grandbabies) of my own to sew for. I am just itching lately to do some baby/child projects. I may just make them for 'some day' *grin*

    Your designs are just so clever Sandra! I always looks forward to your postings for inspiration!

  11. Oh, I love it Sandra!! So darling and the hearts are so cute!! Adore all the sweet prints, too! xo Heather

  12. It's beautiful Sandra, love the fabrics and the dresden plate and the pom pom trim!

  13. It's so beautiful, I wish I could do it...maybe some day :)

    ave a nice day!

    Lluisa x

  14. This is soooo cute! how lovely. Your little girl is lucky. Such neat stitching too xxx

  15. Sandra it is so cute. I love the different types of fabric you choose. Your daughter is very lucky to have a talented mom like you. Adopt me please! hahah. Have a wonderful Wednesday hun:)

  16. oh this is soo sweet Sandra!! It's easy to forget measurements when looking at somethinf so pretty :) xo

  17. Sandra I love this cushion! I have never made Dresden Plates and I've no idea why because I love the way the different fabrics snuggle next to each other, you can do so much with it. Lx

  18. The cushion turned out so cute! Love it.

  19. happy sweet cushion!!! love the pom pom detail!!!!
    xxx Ale

  20. Stunning cushion! I absolutely adore the bobble trim and the crochet button closure :)


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