10 April 2013

Drum roll please....

You certainly liked the idea of winning some gorgeous fabric, amongst other things, from 
The Sewing Boutique and who can blame you.  

There were a total of 117 wonderful entries.
From countries near and far.

But, I know you'll want me to get to the nitty gritty, so without further ado...

The random number generator picked out number 58

Which means that the lucky winner is....

The lovely Sonia Spence of Fabric and Flowers UK

Dear Sonia is a very lovely lady and a well deserved winner
who I just know will putting those goodies to very fine use.

Congratulations Sonia, I shall send you an email very shortly!

S x

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  1. Yay!!!!! So chuffed and excited to have been picked! Thanks Sandra and The Sewing Boutique.....will have to put my thinking cap on. And thanks for considering me a lady......it's not something I'm called often ;) xxx


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