Busy Doing Nothing

 May was a strange old month.

A strange lethargy came over me in May, I couldn't seem to summon up much enthusiasm to get anything done.  Despite there being so much to do.  Or maybe even because there was so much to do, it became a little overwhelming and I just didn't know where to start.  Whatever the reason, the month flew by in the blink of an eye and I achieved very little.  As my Nan would put it, 'Your get up and go, got up and went'!  

So after burying my head in the sand for a while, and then feeling guilty about it for a while, and then trying to force myself to do something at least for a while, half term rolled around.

It's was a dreary and dismal old week but actually I've loved every minute of it.  We've been keeping very busy doing very little around here.  We've had deliciously late mornings, long cuddles in bed before finally dragging ourselves downstairs for breakfast.  Quiet time reading and colouring.  Slobbing around in pj's watching tv.  Simple games of 'Happy Families' and 'Snap'.  Just what I needed.

After such a decadently lazy week the sun deciding to show it's face again at the weekend was just the icing on the cake.  We basked in it and soaked up it's warm rays.

It's been beautifully restful and I think Little Miss needed it too.  She seemed very happy with our laid back schedule and not at all in her usual rush to be busy every minute of the day.  So now we are both restored and feeling a lot more revitalized.

Bring it on June, I'm ready to go!

S x

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  1. Beautiful photos Sandra, and I LOve LOve the colouring-in book!! Reminds me soooo much of when I was small, colouring in was all I did. Is it your daughters or yours? Lol. Be in touch soon xx

  2. Thanks! What a difference the sun coming out makes to them too. Hee hee, I love that book too. It is DD's, but I'd have it off her in an instant, I do enjoy a bit of colouring!
    It's me that owes you a reply, been meaning to do it all week....ahhh! Had planned to do it tonight, but time got away from me afraid. Tomorrow for sure! :)
    Sandra x

  3. I love colouring too. I have my own special pens - Copics
    which I won't share!!
    Love the look of your crochet motifs too.
    Glad you're re-charged. I'm hoping our household
    will bounce back after exam week next week. x

  4. Beautiful photos. Your kitty looks very happy in the sun. Love your Cath Kidston pumps x

  5. Beautiful relaxing family times, what better - and then there's always crochet of course! Joy x

  6. I just used that phrase today!..."My get up and go got up and went"...how ironic to find it here in your post! Lovely photos of your world! The older I get, the months all seem like your May...gone in the blink of an eye! My May was productive...filled with cockle shells and silver bells. I haven't blogged about it yet as I need to block it. Such a GORGEOUS piece of art you created! And so much fun to make! Hugs, Annette

  7. LOVE those rosie shoes! And that last little bit of flowery crochet - so dainty and lovely!

  8. Sweet photos, especially your kitty! Too cute!! Love your flats and your pretty crochet flowers! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  9. Your leisurely month of May sounded wonderful, especially the quiet time with your daughter during her half-term. How lovely to get out of routine and just drift around doing all the things you love! I love the colouring book! I still love them too, especially when there are lots of small details - that I see you like to fill in too!
    I love all those little joined flowers in the last photo. I wonder what it's going to be?!
    Love the photo of your daughter on the blanket in the grass with a book and the cat looking very happy too!

  10. Hi Sandra,Sometimes we just need to slow down and isn't it funny how we always feel guilty about it!!!Why??!!I do exactly the same thing!!!Love the photo of your daughter on a picnic blanket with her book and the kitty!!!Cute!!!And that chicken looks so yummy!!!Have a sunny and happy week!!!

  11. It sounds wonderful ,! I'm looking forward I thi next weekend to have a little break. It will be nice not to have anything scheduled and just watch what happens 3) just like you did,. Doing what you did this last weekend. I'm glad you had a good time.

  12. Glad your get up and go has returned, sometimes we just need to chill and not feel guilty about it. Love the last picture with the flower crochet.

  13. we all need moments like the one you've just described!!!! ;oD
    nice crocheted flowers!
    xxxx Ale

  14. I'll get my rest the end of June when I'll be taking my (11 day) vacay. Ahhh....having the time to laze about sounds lovely! But now it's summer and there's a beach for swimming in!

  15. Well your get-up-and-go seems to have returned! Very creative of you, keep it up!!
    Lynne at textiletreasury.blogspot.com

  16. Sometimes nothing is just what we need to do, in fact I could do with some nothing right now! Lovely post Sandra, and the crochet in your last pic is gorgeous!

  17. So glad your feeling more like yourself again. Lovely pictures in your post love the crochet .. Sarah x

  18. Love the crochet... Are you following a pattern, I need to make it!

  19. what loveliness! This post is so full of summery thoughts I don't even know where to start commenting :D thanks for all the stuff to smile about!
    Beth P

  20. So many pretty pictures! i think sometimes life can take over and we need a little time to catch up with ourselves. Sounds like you had the perfect break. Can't wait to see what you do with your little crochet flowers! Sx

  21. What a lovely post .. thank you, it was just what I needed to stop and enjoy being "busy doing nothing". Love your little flower crochet , very pretty.

  22. may was a similar month for me too! nothing was particularly wrong, I just couldn't get into gear though! love your beautiful photos. mezz

  23. Very lovely crochet in your last picture. I'm glad you feel rested and ready to go, sometimes we all need a break from the humdrum routines of life. x

  24. We so often feel guilty for not being on the go 24/7, but where is it written that we have to be busy all the time? I'm glad you stopped for the half term and had wonderful quality time with your girl.
    LLJ xx
    PS I might have to steal that colouring book though...... ;-)

  25. Hi, Adore the lil flowers - is that going to be a cover or sorts? Will you be making a scarf? oooh, what will it be! Is there going to be another great tutorial? Thanks so xox

  26. Oh dear Sandra. May used to be a tough one for me... This year is the first one in ages where I have actually just enjoyed the month of May and gone with it. I used to pull the blanket over my head for too many years, it is such an intense month... I love this post. I love the pictures. They really tell a nice story. I like that. And I love your new design. I guess you have done something after all... I really should finish off mine as well...
    I am curious to see what you are making with your hook. Those flowers are adorable and really catchy. That doesn't happen to be Bergere de France Ideal yarn? It looks just like it. the colors, the texture, everything.
    Hope June will be a more bright month for you. At least we can close the door to May and just move on. Hang in there my friend.


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