Let's pretend

When I look back at this blog in years to come I am going to be deceived into thinking that we had a glorious spring and summer in 2013.  "Pictures don't lie", I shall say to myself, "I can see the evidence with my own eyes".  Of course, if you live in the UK, and probably many other places besides, you'll know that this isn't the case at all.  It's been pretty dismal so far this year.

But, like a tourist, desperate to capture every picturesque view and splendid example of architecture in a remote and unfamiliar city, when the sun does shine I have been snapping away at all around me.  Taking advantage while the light is good and trying to enjoy every moment of the experience while it lasts.  I probably own at least fifty pictures of the Eiffel Tower for example.  How many does the average Parisienne have I wonder.

So, the number of beautifully sunny photos you will see today does not tell a true tale of how much sun we have had around here but, even though we know that it's fantasy, let's play a game.  Let's pretend it's not cold and grey.  We won't look out there, we'll look here, at these sunny pictures.  Come with me and let's pretend we're sitting on this bench, leaning on my new clamshell cushion, enjoying a little hooky time in the sun while occasionally gazing around the garden, smiling at our sunbathed surroundings.

And for those who wonder about such things, a little more information for you:

The yarn and colours I used are the same as for my Sampler Blanket, which you can read about here.

I don't have a cushion pattern, but you can find the Clamshell Tutorial here.

To make a cushion with a back just like mine, you can find my Crochet Cushion Back Tutorial here.

Oh, and if you do fancy having a go at the clamshell pattern, why not pop along to the Ravelry group, Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner and join our Clamshell Along?

Or just tag your Instagram pics with #CSCAL!

S x

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  1. Cushions could not be more beautiful. They look especially good in the rare glimpses of sunshine we've been having!

  2. Love your cushion, Sandra!!! looks so sweet on the bench.

  3. Sandra, wish I could send you some sunshine all the way from Florida, I am a bit sick of the sun, heat and humidity and I have months of it to go yet. Hugs, Meredith

  4. Thanks so much...I needed some sunshine today!!

  5. The crochet is gorgeous as usual but I'm a sucker for the plant pictures. I have lens envy. Please don't tell me you just snapped them with a basic point and shoot camera?

  6. It's the same over here in Germany. Rain and rain and rain fro weeks. But whenever there was a glimpse of sun I took pictures. Maybe next year or in two years when I browse through them I'll have forgotten the aweful truth ;)
    And besides all the talk about the weather: the cushion is wonderful.

  7. I am trying to pretend, I really am ... but the wind's whistling down the chimney and the rain's lashing against the windows and it feels like November already.

    I shall pretend instead that I have a nice clamshell cushion to snuggle up with (am I the only one who ends up hugging cushions rather than leaning on them I wonder?)

  8. Your cushion is gorgeous Sandra - I do like your clam pattern and the sweet button closure - very pretty. Joy x


  9. we have had a stunning sunny day today! I'm so glad I was off work to run some errands and enjoy it!
    I love the clam shell stitch. I'll have to give it a go some time!

  10. beautiful Sandra!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxx Ale

  11. I know that after you took those photos you basked in that hot summer sunshine, Pimms in hand, with that beautiful cushion at your back! ;-) I'm enjoying a similar 'summer' in the Downs...at least the clamshell crochet is in warm colours, if we're not! I LOVE. The cushion back, so elegant and sweet with the buttons. I'm working on a raised shell blanket at the moment, I need to hook up with Ravelry...Chrissie x

  12. Ooh yes, I want to join the game of Let's Pretend! Your gorgeous pictures have definitely brought me in the right mood, they will serve as my mental image for the entire day! You see, I have to go out later, and it ((whispers)) r-a-i-n-s. Again.

    Gorgeous, gorgeous cushion, perfect as always, the colours, the tiny buttons... ♥

    Have a lovely weekend! :-) xxxx

  13. That made me smile, I can imagine you, like me, dashing out whenever there's a glimpse of sunshine to do a photo shoot :) Lovely cushion.

  14. I love your pillow! It can be tricky sometimes getting the right photos - I usually take mine right before the sun comes up, which gives very crisp clear photos. After the sun comes up, well here in Arizona it's just to darn hot!

  15. Loved playing this game with you! My part of the world, Nebraska USA, has been very wet and cold as well. The sun is out today, yea!



  16. I think it's because you seem to be one of life's optimists :-). Beautiful photographs, made me smile!

  17. Love that clamshell cushion, such a lovely flowing design! Beautiful peaceful garden shots too!

  18. Gorgeous cushion in such soft and pretty colours. That shot of the lavender is really nice. I like to focus on the positive on my blog (who doesn't) and my spring must look equally sunny. If only the real sun would actually make a come back. x


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