Shiny and New!

About six months.  Apparently that's about as long as I go before I have to start tinkering around with my blog and making changes.

I've had a little look back through my bloggy history you see and roughly speaking, that seems to be about how long I can stand it before I want to update something.  Sometimes it's just a new background or shuffling things around, sometimes it's a big ol' over-haul.

I love it you see.  I love tinkering around with different designs and playing with ideas.  I've always enjoyed messing around with graphic design type work.  I wanted to do it as a career at one point and I remember I used to draw my name in all sorts of different styles of lettering and spend hours colouring them in as a child.

I started off this blogging lark not having a clue about how to change the look of my template beyond the samples provided with blogger.  Gradually though I found those standard styles just weren't enough, and I started  dipping my toe into the world of CSS and HTML, trying to learn how to make things a little more individual.  I've got this vague idea that one day I'd quite like to start a blog full of 'how to' tips and maybe even design some templates to download or sell.  Well, perhaps when we start getting 8 days in a week or something.

In the meantime though, let me tell you about what's gone on here...

First of all, as you'll see if you're here, I've refreshed the look a little bit.  Nothing to drastic, just enough to keep me happy.  I've also improved the quality a bit, so hopefully things will look a bit better for you people with fancy HD screens, retina display, or on ipads and such like.

The layout is mostly the same too.
I've just added some new links to the sidebar to help you find my most popular stuff easily and quickly...

The Goggle Friend Connect app, which I just can't bring myself to get rid of, even though I probably should, has moved down to the footer.

And while we're down there, I've cleaned the footer up a bit.  Hopefully making it easier to have a little browse around if you'd like to...

But the biggest change is my spanking brand new shop...

Ooohhh!  Exciting eh?

The old 'SHOP' and 'FREEBIES' page has now gone from the menu bar and I've replaced it with a 'BOUTIQUE' link that'll whisk you away to the shiny website tout suite (or possibly even tout de suite)!

Don't worry, as well as the patterns I sell, all my free patterns are still available to download.  Everything can be found be clicking on one of the category links at the top of the new shop page, Crochet, Knit or Sew.

I hope you'll take a moment to check it out and let me know what you think.  I'd love any feedback or comments you'd care to give.  Constructive criticism (gently given) is also most welcome!

I do hope you all like the new look and the new site.  Till next time...

S x

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  1. I'm so impressed that you can do this! It all looks lovely and the boutique is really easy to navigate. The only problem I had was the 'return to blog' link didn't seem to work? I'm tempted to be more adventurous with my blog now, but I'm terrified of messing it all up!

  2. Am awed by your professional approach Sandra. I feel like tinkering now.

  3. I always love the look of your blog and how much you pack in without making it look too cluttered. It all looks clean and fresh...once again! xx

  4. I'm all about you having an eighth day to start a blog of tips and tricks! I consider myself to be quite computer literate, but I have yet to feel anything but a sense of dread when it comes to messing with the appearance of my blog! I'm insanely boring in that area...same ol', same ol'! Brings to mind that old saying "what would you do if fear didn't stop you?" Ha ha ha...I need to start studying! I know a little HTML...but clealy, not enough! Trouble is...I don't want to take the time say from crocheting to read about HTMl. There, I said it. That's the truth! LOL. Hugs, Annette

  5. Oooooo.....lovin' the new look! Well done Sandra!

  6. It's all looking very pretty and workable - what a talented person you are - full marks to you! Joy x

  7. PS....I just LOVE browsing around your blog looking at all the beautiful things you've made and being inspired! *heart!*

  8. Love the over haul - looks fab :) I've been thinking about making some changes to mine and it's only been about 6mths since the last time. Maybe it's something about the seasons?!

  9. Bwahahahaha! It took me ages to find where to post lol! Anyhoooo yes a big thumbs up from me. One thing that draws me to sites are the clean and simple feel of it. I like easy navigations and simple layouts. Sites that have to much too look at give me a headache ha ha ha!!

    Thanks for sharing xx

  10. Your ability to make everything look so inviting is enviable! I've always been impressed by your layout, imo it just keeps getting better & better. Visually, one of the best blogs on the web for sure :) x

  11. Love the new look and the boutique is easy to use. You are very clever with your blog! Wendy xx

  12. loving your changes....all very professional and easy to navigate, I think my blog needs a makeover, alison

  13. It's very pretty but very pale -my aging eyes are having trouble seeing the print.

  14. Sandra, it is because of you and Lucy at Attic 24 that I have picked up my crochet hook for the first time in 25+ years. Thank you for being the inspiration I needed to "re-find" that crafty side of myself. Your new blog looks wonderful and I can't wait to read more and more!

  15. I love it!!!! I really wish my blog looked 1/2 as cute as yours =D

  16. It's all looking very fresh and pretty. I am slightly in awe of anyone who knows how to make their blog look nice - I detest anything to do with tinkering about on my blog and would gladly pay someone to do it if I only knew how to go about doing that! And can I say - I love the google friend connect option as that's how I prefer to follow my favourite blogs. :-)

  17. Awesome and totally cute! Job well done :D
    Beth P

  18. your blog is so pretty - I love knitting, although I'm just really starting it again after a long absence so I'm so pleased to have stumbled across your blog - I'm following along now and hopefully I'll also pick up some blog design tips too!


  19. I love your new blog look! It's so professional and much easier to find things. And of course, it's shiny! I do have a question though, in the 'Boutique' it seems that some of your free patterns are missing. Like the African Flower Pincushion and the Clamshell pattern. It's very likely that I'm just having a 'blonde' moment though. :)

  20. Sorry Sandra I'm on a blog catch up (perpetually behind it seems) and just wanted to say that I had noticed all your changes and kept meaning to say I loved them - and then you posted about it so it really prompted me to Woo Hoo your efforts!! Am majorly impressed by your blog ability - have to say I partly noticed the changes because I've been trying to improve my design! You'd definately have a customer on the design front in me!! ;0) Well done - and congratulations on the opening of your boutique - it looks fab and professional. I can't tell you how impressed I've been in the transition of your blog over the last year or so - amazing! J9 x


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