Vintage Stars

I'm calling this one my 'Vintage Stars' quilt, but I'm already thinking of it as 'the Summer Quilt'.

Despite the fact, that when I completed it the weather was foul and dismal for the whole week, which I found especially annoying when I wanted to take some nice pictures to share with you.  Eventually though, the sun did shine again and when I nipped outside as quick as a flash to get some shots in while I could, the sun seemed to bring this quilt alive.  The colours seem light, bright and breezy like a beautiful sumer's day.
It just seems to suit the sunshine.

It was back in May when I mentioned in this post that I'd started a quilt using those delightful vintage sheets that just take me straight back to my childhood.  We had a bright pink one and a yellowy one I seem to remember.  Ahhh, happy days!

This star design is a massively popular quilt block, apparently called a 'Saw Tooth' star.  As usual, it's something I've had my eye for an age, since I saw it in a quilting book I think.  It's that blank star in amongst all the riot of busy pattern and colour that really appeals to me.  The 'negative space' as clever artist types call it I believe.

Some of my 'negative spaces' are actually pale pink, yellow, green or blue, as well as white.  As soon as I had the idea of using these sheets, I knew I wanted to use these pastel colours with them.  I used them on my daughters dolly quilt and this project  worked perfectly for that idea too.  There's also something about using these 70's style patterns that scream 'rounded corners' at me.  I wonder why?  I rounded off the corners of the dolly quilt I mentioned and I couldn't resist doing it again on this life sized model.  I love them, it's a small thing, but it's one of my favourite things about this quilt.

The other great thing that I'm really pleased about is the fact I had a great big full size sheet to use as the backing.  I found it a couple of years ago in an antique shop near me and I snapped it up quick.  Now it's time has come and the right project to use it on has rolled around.  I even managed to squeeze enough bias strips onto the left over fabric to make the binding.  Happiness is.

The best bit of all though, is that the small person and the big person of the house seem to be as fond of this blanket as I am.  It's become the 'go to' blanket.  A new favourite around here, like it's already a part of the family.

I really love that.

S x

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  1. Ahh yes it's a lovely, lovely quilt. Looks beautiful in the sunshine on your bench. Handmade quilts and blankets are really special and quite rightly become part of the family. When your loved ones watch you make it and see your creation go through the stages with you, they know that your heart is in there and that's why they love it too, Sam x

  2. Oh my! That is just so perfectly lovely! I so love vintage sheets, I'm working on a little stash of my own to make a quilt with :) Yours is fab, reall, really fab! x

  3. ahhh Sandra! I love it! you've got me wanting to start another quilt project with vintage fabrics now!! :) xo

  4. Fabulous, I seem to remember most of those prints from childhood, home, grandparents, friends. Lovely nostalgia x

  5. Your quilt turned out so pretty! It really does look summery.

  6. Lovely quilt! Really so nice vintage comfort :) Jolana

  7. So, so beautiful and just perfect for summer!!! I love all the vintage prints!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  8. The perfect summer quilt! Love it!!

  9. Beautiful! A family heirloom to be treasured. Best wishes, Pj x

  10. It most certainly says SUMMER! I love the soft colors... I'm all set to curl up on that quilt and pillow and read a good book in the summer breezes!
    Beth P

  11. It's really beautiful. I had one (not so great) attempt at quilting a couple of years ago but would like to make another, if only to use up some up my fabric stash which is getting out of hand. I hope it looks as pretty as yours. x

  12. Certainly has the feel of a summer quilt. It is beautiful. I bought a rotary cutter last week YAY! it is so much easier. Jo x

  13. It's lovely! I'm not surprised it's popular with your family :)

  14. Quite Lovely!! No other way to describe it, really.

  15. Hi Sandra, You're so right!!!It's a very happy summery flower garden!!!Beautiful!!!Have a fab weekend!!!




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