Feeling Floral

As you will probably be well aware if you live in the UK, or read a blog or two from this neck of the woods, we have not been having the best of weather.  Ok, so we don't often get great weather, but even by our own low standards, this spring and start of summer has been pretty bleak so far.  There is a heat wave due they tell us, let's hope so.

The trouble is, as much as I hate to admit it, this slow start has done wonders for my garden.  Normally by about this time of year, my garden is pretty much done.  The flowers have usually bloomed and then either been battered and broken by rain, or shrived by endless dry days and a hose-pipe ban.  For the last few years July is normally the time when I give up trying and write it off for another year.

So it has been refreshing to be enjoying florals in the flesh for so long.  In fact, it is doing a little something to revitalise my recent rather jaded view of the garden and gardening in general.  So, in short, I'm going to subject you to some flowery shots, because, for once, there are some.

But fear not, craft lovers, don't leave just yet, for I have something for you too...

For although it is nice to enjoy the real deal, florally, there also pleasure in dealing with the fabricy kind too.
Especially when you have some nice new little ditsy prints to put to good use.

I received a commission you see.  Not something I would normally consider, but family can get away with these things.  It was a request for one of my phone cases.

I made my original one, way back in October of last year and have used it faithfully ever since.  But it seems to have struck a cord with the people in my family as darling Sister asked for one, her SIL asked for one, and now my Nan wants one.  There's even a tutorial, in case any of you want one too!

As it happens, this is one of the rare things that I really don't mind making again and again.  They are lovely little projects, that can include as much detail or be as simple as you like and being small, are of course nice and quick to do.  Perfect.

I included a couple of newer fabrics in this one, this purplish one with the teeny tiny flowers is one of my favourites.  In fact, I really love all of these fabrics and colours together.  A slightly more 'earthy' palette for me maybe, but I really, really love it.

 So there you have it, phone case number four.  The original and the new edition.

And now... flower pictures...

 And, lest you run away with the idea that my garden is some kind of earthly paradise, let me reassure you that these pictures are cherry picking at it's most picky.  And as for the 'lawn', well, if I tell you this picture is the very best bit of it I can possibly show you, you'll still have no idea of the depth and breadth of weeds we cultivate where grass should growing.

 Never mind, there's always next year.

S x

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  1. Gorgeous flowers in your garden and echoed in that pretty patchwork!

  2. The case is so pretty, I love the tiny patchwork. I'll admit that Irish summers are one thing that I definitely don't miss and after 26 years of them I feel your pain. Usually the UK is better than Ireland, so it must be super miserable - hopefully that heat wave will hit at many moment.


  3. Oh your flowers are beautiful! Fortunately here, we have flowers that bloom all summer (in starts & fits - but that ususally makes for some continuous bloomage *grin* )
    I picked up some fabric yesterday *stop laughing!* so I can get cracking on making my grand nephews their Xmas pressies. Yes...I have a death wish thinking I can sew in this heat & humidity (despite the air conditioning - I'm still sweating if I move too much!)
    Those phone covers are just so cute! I think I'll have to make one for #1 daughter for Christmas as well!

  4. Such pretty pictures. Thanks or sharing! You have inspired me to get out in my garden and take some snaps. I love the phone cases too. So pretty. Love katie xx

  5. Your flowers look terrific! Mine started looking better recently because we're finally getting some rain. But I know well the feeling of wanting to give up on the flowers; that's how I feel during the month of June every year. Your new phone case is really nice; I love the earthier palette!

  6. Beautiful! Do you use a machine for these? x

  7. :) I've just posted a whole load of flower pictures too. Glorious isn't it?! x

  8. Love you phone cases - lovely muted colours for the latest xx

  9. Sun at long last :) Love the colours in your new phone case.

  10. You're so right about the gardens, ours is looking unusually lovely this year too.

    Is it me or is that last phone case made in more muted tones than you often employ? I really like it :D

  11. Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm so happy you are able to enjoy them for an extended period this year.
    Anne xx

  12. It has been lovely to enjoy the garden this year and be able to sit outside for a change! Lovely flower pics and I love your fabrics! x

  13. Hi Sandra, Lovely cases and lovely fabric!!!Love the flowers too!!! The weather is strange all around the world!!!We still have not had a winter!!! No blankets, no boots, no scarves and no jackets!!!Hot chocolate? Yes! But just because I Love it!!!!Have a happy weekend!!!

  14. Love the case. We need it for sunglasses at the moment. Jo x

  15. I'd love to see more of your garden! We have also had different weather this year and it is great for the flowers - cooler temps and lots of rain.

    I love that new phone case. You do have winner with this!

  16. I do feel your pain about the gardening bit... this was the year I said I was going to invest in the garden. We rent you see so I was hesitant to plant things but sheesh, I thought, this is my home for however long that is and I want flowers! Planted lots of them but not many survived being battered to death literally with a freak hail storm the day after I planted them all! The heavy rains and humidity has not been wonderful for the new rose bushes and I have spied powdery mildew in spots! Eeek! My hydrangeas and peony, well they are just plain sad with little happening but greenery. I guess that's good - at least they haven't died! Even my New Dawn rose that is supposed to be hearty and thrives everywhere is, well, just sitting there *sigh* The only thing doing well is my orange day lilies and some black eyed susans so I'm thankful for the little bits of color :D
    Hmmm, now you've gone and done it... I'm going to have to have one of those lovely phone cases too! :D
    Hugs and enjoy the weekend my friend,
    Beth P

  17. Gorgeous flowers and you newest phone case is so pretty! Love all the floral prints!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

  18. I have to agree with you. Usually this time of year I am busy in the greenhouse starting to sow seeds for autumn and winter planting. This year I am outside in the garden and enjoying the new things that have only just flowered. I don't think I'll have a tomato glut this year but when they do fruit it will be much more worth it! Yes the heat wave is about to hit and yes we will all be moaning next week that it is too hot, but for now sitting in my garden and listening to the birds giving their evening chorus, it's just right. Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x

  19. Your garden looks beautiful and I always love your phone case pattern. Love the tiny patchwork and the tinier flowers! xx

  20. Oh yes, i know what you mean - I have yet to achieve that kind of planting so that you have continual colour in the garden. What gorgeous phone cases - is there no end to your talents?! xx

  21. Beautiful pictures of Flowers and i loved the cases.


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