Collar Conundrum

Thank you everyone for your fantastic response to my last post and to my latest new shawl pattern, 'Cherry Kisses'.  I'm so glad you liked it and even more excited and  pleased that some of you have even brought it.  Yippee, thank you so much for your wonderful support!

But let us now turn back to collars.  You'll remember maybe, that I made a couple of collars during the summer that I showed you here?  You might also recall that although I could see they were pretty, I wasn't altogether convinced of their usefulness to me.  Well some solutions have presented themselves, but more on that later.

First I want to quickly show you my second foray into the world of dainty collars that serve no real purpose but I just can't seem to get out of my system.  Yes, I know, more!

The first a cute peachy one that you might of seen around blogland quite a bit.  It's been very popular and is made by the clever and talented Emma Escot of Lulu Loves.  It's her Crochet Peter Pan Collar.

I decided to make mine a little longer than normal as I don't have many of the crew cut style neck lines that collars probably work best with.  I really liked how it turned out.  It's cute without being too fussy or frilly and I find I'm happier with that.

There was only one problem, it would keep slopping around the place.  Everytime I moved, it moved and I was constantly re-arranging it.  Not so good.  But the planets were in alignment (or something) because I also noticed that a favourite white t-shirt had a little stain on the collar.  What could be a more perfect solution than sewing down the mischieviously moving collar to the t-shirt?  Stopping it's irritating antics and covering the eye arresting stain all at the same time.  Two birds, one stone.

The second one, I just couldn't resist making, I think just because I have coveted it for so long.  I found it on Pinterest originally and I adore it.  There's only one slight problem, the pattern is for 2 -3 year old child.  Hummmm. 

For some reason, this didn't make me stop and question the fact I was planning to wear it myself, a fully grown adult with considerably more years to her name.  Maybe it should have done, but it didn't.

The original pattern, 'Flower Girl Collar' by Katherine Heise was not much of a starting point as I wanted the collar so much bigger, so I just followed the pretty picture and made up my own version.  I even copied all the flower details as closely as I could because I loved it so much.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, even though I can't take any credit for it's prettiness.  Again, it's cute without too much fuss, so I think I can bring myself to wear it quite happily.  I'm going to put it on now actually, just to make sure I do indeed wear it.

So, back to the original collars and the conundrum of what to do with them.

Wonderful people that you are, you all came up with many and varied suggestions and ideas for how to wear them.  Some suggested wearing with a jumper, some suggested that the process and enjoyment of making them was enough, some suggested they would make a good present.

However it was the suggestion of a bloggy friend that really excited me.  Something that I had to leap up and try the moment I read it, it was that good.

Could the frilly collar be used to decorate a lamp shade, she wondered?

Couldn't it just!

Isn't it just perfect?  Don't you love the way the light shines through the lace?  Well, I do and I'm so glad that lovely Annette shared her idea with me.  What's even more perfect is that it's just held into place using the ties on the collar, so if I have a change of heart, I can simply untie and wear it.

I was so pleased by this solution that I decided to stop fretting about the fact that I may not ever wear the other collar from that tale and instead took those of you who suggested it could be used as a gift up on your offer.

So, that is my plan, to give the last collar, shown below, as a gift to one of you.

I probably shouldn't tell you how relieved it makes me to feel that I've found the perfect answer for both of these collars, but it's true.  I'm so much happier to think that they will have a purpose.  One makes me happy decorating a lamp, the other can go and live with someone who will cherish it and wear it.

If you really would like to own the collar above and think you'll actually wear it, then  please just leave me a little comment below to say so.

I shall put all the names in a hat and send the collar to whoever pops out.
(I'll send it for free anywhere in the world.)

S x

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  1. I thought your two previous collars were lovely, and I really like the use of the one for the lampshade, I also like the two new ones that you have done, and such great uses for them. I am not sure that I am a collar type, as I am not very delicate, so perhaps choose someone other than me for your kind gift! Have fun with the collars that you are happy with!

  2. Wow, I would absolutely love to wear that blue collar! It's so pretty and dainty, and I've been wanting it since I first saw it. :) I think I will have to have a go at some of these.

  3. I would feel so pampered if my name were drawn. Thank you for being willing to send your work out "into the world"!

  4. They are absolutely pretty!Would Germany be anywhere in world,too?;) Please join me in! Ines

  5. Beautiful collars, and I saw the second one on Pinterest, too and wanted to make one for myself. I just might have to now!! Love the one on lampshade! So pretty!! Thanks for always inspiring me! Happy day to you sweetest Sandra! xo Heather

  6. Some beautiful stuff there. I am looking for a lampshade idea, Jo x

  7. Hi there, I just loved your crochet collars and you inspired me to try making one myself. I used a Crocknits pattern I found on ravelry. It turned out quite well for my first attempt so I'll make more in different styles. I love your idea for the lamp collar, I've been wondering how to dress up my light shade at home now I have some planning to do for a crochet pattern to fit my large shade :-) thanks

  8. WOW, you really have an exquisite eye for colour and styling!

  9. Genius! The lampshade looks fab. I made the lulu loves collar too last year but alas i had nothing to wear with it until now, i found a black crew neck t shirt. Perfect!

  10. Sandra, they are all just lovely!


  11. I love your patterns and the collars are so sweet -- I would love to wear your beautiful collar!

  12. love this post I have been crocheting some collars over the last few weeks and same as you .. find they swish around the place. I was contemplating stitching one to a cardi instead, which I think I might do - otherwise I have all these collars sitting around. Love yours, they are so pretty !!

  13. I love all of your collars but especially the blue one. It seems such a shame to put them on a lampshade where only a few people would see them... where as if you were wearing them then lots of people would have the chance of seeing them in all their glory!

  14. I know I said I would like to have your collar...but I'm going to make my own instead since I need something new to crochet. Can you please remove my name?...sorry!

  15. I love your collars and your new cherry kisses shawl. You are so talented.
    I would definitely wear the collar if I were to win.

  16. I discovered your blog few days ago and like it very much! This collar is so delicate... I am a beginner at crochet, this is a great motivation! Thank you very much for this lovely giveaway and all your inspiration! marie from Belgium.

  17. Very nice collars, indeed!! I love that over-the-lamp, vintage-Victorian look!! You would think the collar was designed just for that purpose. Very nice. And I would love to have one myself!!

  18. Your folly is lovely and I would wear it! It's so wonderfully romantic, sending one back in time just by looking at it and swooning! Beautiful!

  19. I too feel drawn to lacy collars, but as yet I haven't crocheted one. I'm glad you followed your heart and made them as they truly look good and very wearable. Blue is my favourite colour and I'm sure that collar has got my name on it! ;) Please enter my name into the draw. Best wishes, Pj x

  20. Am I too late? I love those so Downton and so fab! BTW I'm in love with your blouses your wearing in those photos!

  21. Yay, my first collar is officially complete. I've posted the final pics on my blog. Now to decide what pattern to use next :-)

    Lisa :-)

  22. That collar is lovely! Please enter me.


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