Hectic Halloween

As the name of this post suggests, we've had quite a busy half-term this time around.  Not nearly enough lounging around in pyjamas for my liking.  Still, it's also good to be doing sometimes.

I'm finding that I'm coming to the end of a lot of things.  Which is good as makes me feel like I'm achieving something.  It does mean it feels like I'm way behind on sharing my crafty makes on here though.  It feels like there's a lot to tell you.  I'll get to that soon.

In the meantime though, here's a taster of our week. Well, the bits we spent at home anyway....

Little Miss carved pumpkins, I hung bunting.  She got a huge sweetie haul, I knitted in small doses.  She didn't tidy her room, I didn't sweep leaves.  She lounged in pyjamas, I cleaned the house.  She played at a friend's, I wound yarn into balls.

We visited people there, we invited people here.  We cooed and ooed and pondered while choosing some sparkly things.  We tickled and laughed and lunched and played.  We had a good week.

S x

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  1. Sounds a lovely half term. Whilst proud of my son, so much GCSE revision isn't so much fun!

  2. Looks as though your pumpkin had quite a time of it! Glad you had a good half term. xx

  3. Sounds great, and I love the sparkly things.

  4. A week of special memories made! I'll find it hard when they go back to school again, it's been a magical week for us, too. Thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  5. Sounds like a wonderful half term week, a little bit of everything. Hmmm I think I miss not having half terms anymore.
    Sally xxx

  6. Sounds like a lovely half term to me.

    Dying to see what you've been making - loving the look of the knitted whatever-it-is in the bottom left photo!


  7. That sounds a fine week to me...you got the balance right, I think! Definitely a higher percentage of fun stuff as opposed to the sweeping :-)
    And any choosing of bling has to take top priority, in my opinion!!

  8. love the pumpkin x


  9. Another heart warming post Sandra :-) my son didn't tidy up his toys neither, for my own mental sake I did it ;-) and you know, it is good NOT to sweep the leaves, the ground needs to keep warm as well ;-)) happy November! J.

  10. I love all the images of your week, beautiful! Wendy xx

  11. Ok, first of all your pumpkin is AWESOME. Marker pen is the way forward, clearly! This is such a lovely insight into your home and half term. There is something delicious in moss stitch (always my favourite knit stitch) going on in the bottom left photo of that last mosaic...I hope you'll share more with us soon! xx

  12. Sounds like a lovely gentle half term week...


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