Reasons to be Cheerful

We've had a rough couple of weeks around here lately but I'm glad to say there's still plenty of reasons to be cheerful.  It was a while ago now, but I finally got around to re-making my Nan's phone case.  I'd made one for her before but it turned out that Mum's guesstimates on the phone size were ever so slightly off and the case was a little too snug for comfort.

As it turned out the old case was a perfect fit for her spare glasses, so it wasn't wasted.  It did mean that the phone was still short one pretty protector though, so something needed to be done about that.  Armed with the new and correct measurements, I set about making the replacement and I love how it turned out.  I think it's one of my favourites yet.

(If you'd like to rustle up one of your own, here's my tutorial.)

Of course, using fabric means that I need to buy more doesn't it?  That's another reason to be cheerful if ever I heard one.  I picked up a few bits when Little Miss and I were out and about last week and the rest I ordered online.  

Can you believe how dark some of those fabrics on the right are?  Navy is my new love and I'm a little obsessed with it at the moment.  I've been in a 'blue' zone all year I think and it's not passing me yet.  I've already got plans for some of these piles but finding time to carry out those plans may be another matter.  Still, as always, there's nothing wrong with them decorating my shelves for a while in the meantime.

Oh and just in case there's something in those pictures that particularly floats your boat, here's the details of where I got them:

The bottom three are from John Lewis
The top four are from the delightful Sew & Quilt**

All these are from Fabric Inspirations*

And last of all, and by no means the least reason to be cheerful is these little packages that I received a the weekend.  In fact, these are the reason I'm grinning like a cheshire cat!

They are result of the awesomeness of a delightful and thoughtful blog friend, Maaike.  Maaike blogs over at Crejjion, I mentioned her site when I talked about my doily inspiration a few months ago, and if you didn't check it out at the time then you'll most certainly want to pop over to Crejjion now.  This lovely lady is super talented, creative and stylish.

Well, before I make her blush any further, (I've already done that once today), I have to show you just why I'm grinning from ear to ear.  Lookie at my goodies...

I'm so, so flattered to be the proud recipient on one of her gorgeous doilies.  I've been  coveting these beauties since Maaike posted about them so it's taken pride of place next to my favourite chair.  I haven't quite got around to resting my coffee on it yet.  The thought of a spill is just too much.

But if you thought that the addition of a beautiful handmade card, the cutest ribbon ever and some perfect sparkly thread were more than enough of a treat then wait till you see what else is in there.  Can you see what those things are resting on?  Some very sweetly labelled folders?
What do they contain you'll be asking...

...copies of vintage doily and crochet edging pattern books.
Ahh, be still my beating heart.  This girl knows me well!

I'll let you have a little peaky inside shall I?

Pretty exciting eh?

You can be sure I'll be digging out my teeny tiny hooks by the end of the week.

Thank you!

(and I hope you'll forgive me gushing about it again on here)

Just one last picture before I go, a little preview of the topic of the next post...

S x

*This isn't a sponsored post, I just know you'll want to know!
** The statement is above is still true, even though Sew & Quilt is a sponsor of this blog.

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  1. Hope things get better for you soon Sandra and what wonderful parcels you've received! Nothing like a bit of fabricy goodness and thoughtful gifts dropping through your door :)

  2. Hope life gets easier soon. I'm just finishing off making your stripy mitts - they are making me smile. Thank you x

  3. Thanks for your tutorial xx Loving your goodies xx take care xx

  4. Oh my golly gosh look at those doily patterns! Lucky lucky you, her parcel must make you feel like Christmas came early! Beautiful doily, she is so clever with colour - and I bought some pretty doily threads after you last posted about your mild doily obsession, so I'll happily hook away at one with you! :-) hope you're feeling better every day, Chrissie x ps forgot to mention that your fabrics and patchwork are gorgeous!

  5. Lots of lovely colour and patchwork and even a get well present! That should do the trick! I like the preview of the next post. I do believe I spy some pretty moss stitch!

  6. Absolutely Gorgeous things that definitely are reasons to be chearful. From your other comments I see that you have been unwell. Sorry to hear that and hope that you get well soon. I really enjoy all of your posts and ideas, thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us all out here in Blogger land, it means a lot and also "chears" me up .... xx

  7. Wow. Sandra! You really have something to smile about don't you. Talk about creative indulgence here. The most pretty makes of phone covers. A fabric splash out that could make any creative heart do double skips for hours and then on top these lovely prints of vintage doilies from Maaike. Oh my Oh my! She makes the most fabulous presentations of a simple thing such as photocopied patterns. Maaike really knows how to present something in the most prett and classy way. Lovely. Congratulations you. Curious about what will come up next.. Looks knitted and cuddly. Scarf?

  8. I have that!!!! That denim-blue fabric with the with doilie-type thingeys and the red and blue little flowers! Isn't it the loveliest!! You have a beautiful selection.

    Look what I made with my blues. Using it today, it's carrying my T-string project.

  9. Really love your post again! Those fabrics are lovely. I've made this doily too, beautiful isn't it?
    Greetings from Ellebel

  10. I do love your blog, and thank you so much for the shop info. I'm always looking for good outlets, so that's great! Will def have a look. Love your case and the things you got! Thanks again, Jen x

  11. *blushing me again* I hope it all makes you feel better and get well soon! in the mean time I am drooling over that gorgeous stash of pretty fabrics, en I looooove your new winter scarf/ shawl. more pictures of that pretty please!! hugs xo

  12. you are the sweetest Annette, I am no better than you creative and wonderful girls!! xoxo

  13. Sandra, I love those dark fabrics. Dark, but cheery at the same time. Both you and Maaike take the loveliest photos. A joy to read both blogs.



  14. What a lovely and thoughtful gift! Hope they made you feel better. And I also love your phone cases, such detail, beautiful!

  15. I really love your blog, your pictures and all that you do :) !!

  16. Sandra, I hope you feel better every day! One day at a time, eh? I love the cell phone covers. Makes me wish I had not sold my sewing machine. But I am more of crocheters and knitter than a sewer. I love quilting tho. Nice job!
    As a result of your beautiful gift from Crejjtions, I joined her site and read some of her blogs. I could sit here all day and read blogs of all of you creative girls, but my hubby would not be happy to miss his lunch! I agree, Maaike is sooooo creative, and I can't wait to read more of her older posts, and more of your also. I can't keep up with your creativeness, but I can TRY! lol. xxoo JO

  17. I am in love with your new fabrics, they're so delightful. The phone case is a triumph, very individual and stylish. How very nice to receive a get well soon parcel in the post, very thoughtful and generous. Have fun with all your new fabrics etc.

  18. These have to be some of the best reasons to be cheerful I've seen in a while ... that doily is exquisite, lucky you!

  19. Definitely loads of reasons to be cheerful here! Sorry to hear things have been tough - I hope you've come out the other side now and things are easier. I have such a weakness for navy in my wardrobe (I have about 12 breton tops) but it hasn't worked it's way into my fabric stash..yet. x

  20. Such a dear phone case... and lovely piles of fabric and parcel. What a lucky duck!


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