Dressing Up

I'm glad to say I have another finish to share before the big day arrives.
Luckily I started this one in good time and even though I ran out of yarn on the home stretch (...don't you just hate it when that happens?) it wasn't a problem, it was still done in time to use this year.

A nice easy and pretty quick project to whip up this one.  Not a lot of brain power required, which is good at this time of year I can't help but think.  There's enough on our minds already without complicated crochet ideas clogging up our brains.

I did wing it a little with this as I couldn't seem to find the very simple circle skirt idea that I had in mind.  But as it is really just a circle that isn't joined up I simply based it on the granny circle or 'mandala' idea and went from there, increasing sort of as and when it seemed necessary.  Not perfect maybe, but my excitement of seeing the merry colours coming together more than made up for any slight concerns over the exact nature of it's circumference.

To my mind the border really couldn't be anything other than Christmas red, so that was an easy decision and the chance to use the bobble edging I've been coveting from this book was far too perfect to resist too.  (You can see it on that gorgeous blanket on the front cover - yum!)  Nice and easy choices, with no agonising and over-thinking, just how I like it.

I'd originally planned some nice matching red buttons, but as my collection of buttons is rather a mish mash of assorted bits and bobs collected over the years and some semi vintage buys on E-bay, matching is often quite hard to achieve.  It's a good thing I quite like miss-matching buttons as that is often the only option I am left with.  For this though, it works just fine.   

Better yet, I discovered with some satisfaction, a tree shaped button that I'd forgotten about.  Which just goes to show that the perfect opportunity to use anything and everything will come along if you just wait long enough. (And have enough space to store it all in the interim!)

I'm very happy with how it looks on my 'vintage brights' tree this year.  (Tree pictures are coming soon by the way!)  I have a habit of changing things up on the decorating front though, so I hope it's as appropriate for whatever I do next year.  Still, that is a bridge to cross a long way from now, so for now, it's perfect!

Before you go, I wanted to let you know that if you pop over and see Sandra (yes, another one!) at Beautiful Boardwalk you could be in with a chance to win a lovely pair of my Cherry Basket Mitts.

Sandra's doing a giveaway to win either a cream or a red pair.  They are beautifully plain (without cross stitch), ready for you to wear straight away, or to decorate as you choose!

Pop on over before the 20th to enter.

S x

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Gorgeous - I love the colours!! Maria x
This is really really beautiful Sandra!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!
xxxxxx Ale
It is so lovely! I really like the edging and the little christmassy buttons that you used too. very pretty under your tree. xx
This is so sweet, I love the bobble edge and your mismatched buttons

This is beautiful!!! Your work always amazes me!
So lovely. Beautiful colors.
Me - love - this - one! Me - want - copy! Me - don't - have - time. Big sigh!!!

It is lovely. How I wish I had something similar for my tree. Maybe a Scandi version could be to think of for next year. It is way to late to whip something up now...
Happy Christmas my dear
As always, this is amazing!! The bobble edging and the buttons make it perfect. You are such an inspiration!
I love your tree's new skirt, with such a great border!!
So lovely - and the edging is great. As if I don't have enough ideas swirling around my head, without the things that "must" be done, I now fancy making a tree skirt in gold, cream and bronze to match my tree decorations! :)
Thanxxx Sandra!
Lovely 'tree-skirt'! x - Sandra
You did a fantastic job, and it will go with everything you decide to do in the future, vintage Santa's, perfect. Modern ornaments, perfect. It iwll be perfect for years and years.
It is so beautiful and the perfect colors!! The bobble edging is a sweet touch!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather
It is a beautiful idea. Bravo!
I love your tree skirt! Any chance you will put the pattern in your shop? I would love to add this pattern to my Cherry Heart Collection!

Thank you for your awesome talent
This is so gorgeous. Love the bobble edging!!
oh it's lovely! If I'd bothered to put up a tree this year, I might be tempted to whip one up!
What a good idea to make a colourful tree skirt or cape! Good idea to do the buttons for attaching the whole thing easily. The red edging is perfect for the season!
Beautiful, Fantastic colours! And the edge is lovely! Anna x
wow that's wonderful xx
It's wonderful! I love the colours you used and I can imagine it looks perfect under your tree. x
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Now I just have to figure out how you made a circle that isn't a circle....
I am attempting to make something similar and I was wondering if you can tell me how you started/ended each row? If they aren't attached isn't there one less space every row? Do you know what I mean?
This is so cute. Can you give a tutorial on how to do it? I am pretty new to crochet.
So love this tree skirt and so does a friend that would LOVE it if I could make one for her. Is it possible to get the pattern from you? I would buy it! Thanks so much!