It takes two baby

I have a new obsession.  Yes, another one.

The new obsession is wristies/mitts as I call them.  Or they can be sleeves, arm warmers, cuffs.  Whatever you call them, they are simply a tube of yarny goodness to keep your lower arm and wrist regions cozy on chilly days.  They are super easy, not even thumb holes to worry about and better yet, they are supersonic quick.  I find I can whip a pair up in a day nicely. Maybe a little longer if I'm adding some fancy touches, like those gorgeous roses above, but still.  That's fairly instant gratification in the slow and steady world of handmade.

That's why these are such a favourite of mine, not only are they wonderful to own and wear, they are also wonderful to make.  I started off making a replica of the pair I made this time last year.  These were my absolute favourite thing to wear throughout winter, together with that cozy shawl.

The need to make a replica came about because Mrs Stupid (Me), deciding that they could do with a wash, just shoved them in the washing machine.  For some reason, I was convinced they were made from 100% cotton.  They were not.  Things did not end happily.

I knew I would probably end up making a replacement but I didn't have any more of that particular yarn left and I wasn't able to get more.  There was much mournful wailing and sorrow at the time, but when it started getting all dark and yucky this year I knuckled down to find another yarn and set about making Polar Warmers, Take Two.


You can see the original post for all the pattern details.
That link will also give you details of where I got the inspiration for the additional bobbly bits too
 (Not my idea, but they really make them in my oh so humble)...  
Instructions for the modifications I made are on my Ravelry page.

I'm so pleased to have these little wristies back and I love them just as dearly now as I did before.  The yarn I used this time round was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and if I wanted to pick a fault, it isn't quiiiite as super soft and snuggly as the originals were which surprised me.  I picked the DBCA because I thought it would be very soft and gentle indeed.  But as I say, it's a minor difference and I'm just so pleased to have them back that it simply doesn't matter at all.

: :

After I'd righted that terrible wrong I decided to make up another set of wristies using an idea that popped into my head one day, as ideas will.

The plan was to use the basketweave style of pattern from my Cherry Basket Mitts, but in the spirit of keeping things as easy as possible, to dispense with the top part and just basketweave all the way.  It's a stitch pattern that works up into a nice and thick material so I knew it'd keep me wonderfully warm.

It was also the perfect opportunity to try out Heather's wonderful Roses Pattern.  I saw them when she posted them and I've been waiting for an opportunity to use them and this was the perfect one.

I made them from crochet thread, so they are nice and weeny and I love how they look.  Plus the fact that it's a super easy and quick pattern, so it's very fitting for the instant gratification factor that I'm looking for when making these mitts.



Pattern:  Based on Cherry Basket Mitts
Yarn:  See my Ravelry page for details
Roses:  Coiled Rose Crochet Pattern by Pink Milk
(It's well worth checking out Heather's blog while you're there too.
 It's a lovely place to be and you'll feel right at home amongst all her gorgeous makes.)

You might think that 2 new pairs of these wristies would have got the obsession out of my system.  But no.  More are in the works and ideas are a buzzing.  Plus, it's such a good way to use up spare yarn balls too.  So many positives...

S x

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  1. oooo they are gorgeous and the roses are just darling !!

  2. Your so incredibly talented. I just love the off white warmers so romantic great for valentines day.

  3. Both pairs of wrist warmers are lovely!! xx

  4. Hello Sandra
    I am SOOOO happy to have discovered your heavenly blog and love that now you are on my sidebar I get to see all your new posts as soon as !!!
    Your wrist warmers are beautiful and the tiny roses are perfect for them. I haven't discovered the joy of wrist warmers yet ( bit stuck on scarves right now ) but I can completely see how they could become an obsession, there's nothing that makes me love a jumper more than one when it has sleeves long enough to make my wrists feel all snuggly.
    I was only looking at the pictures of your polar wrap the other day and thinking how much I could fall in love with something like that, its just so unusual and the colour just makes it.
    Kate x

  5. Love the polar warmers but I can't figure out how to make the picot edging...can you help? Thank you!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I totally understand why you like them so much...I am very much the same; they are quick, don't need much yarn and are perfect to jazz up any outfit. I have made endless pairs, both knitted and crochet.
    Love visiting your world...beautiful blog xx

  7. totally gorgeous variations you have come up with! Absolutely love both the cream ones and the new mustard with roses. The stitches are so pretty too… thank you for sharing the patterns. Or should I say: you shouldn't have had, because now I'm making more sleeves than I can ever wear! Haha, just beautiful work Sandra. Crochet perfection as always xoxo

  8. Ahhh these are just lovely I especailly like the Rosies ones
    Clare x

  9. Very elegant way to keep one's delicate wrists cozy! ;-) I love them, so pretty, and they would make a great gift with a scarf to match! Chrissie x

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love the mustard and roses xox

  11. Both are gorgeous and you are very talented. I think I need more mitts in my life. When I wear them outside I find my finger tips get so cold and chapped, and I kind of miss my gloves. I think I need to make them without the thumb hole and just wear them indoors over my jumper as arm/wrist warmers. Much more sensible. x

  12. They are very pretty, I am knitting up a pair that I plan on embellishing with some needle felting.

  13. Such pretty wrist warmers, shame about the ones you made last year. Were they the ones that go with your a Contrary Wrap? I found that the other day and I feel I need this wrap as it's so pretty and will be lovely for the summer.
    Sally xxx

  14. Super cute! I love basket weave too it's one of my favourite stitch patterns :)

  15. The Yellows with the roses are greeeaaat.
    Greetings from Switzerland, mimi

  16. The wristies/mitts/arm warmers are just fabulous and I just adore those little roses on your Mustard Basket Mitts. Thank you for sharing Sandra x

  17. Oh me too, me too! Completely addicted. Do you know what I love about wrist warmers? The way they pretty up even the plainest winter outfit.

    I love your polar warmers (I promise, you're not the first to make the washing machine mistake) and totally adore the basket weave pair. I have a serious crush on mustard and coral at the moment. As for the roses, they look completely gorgeous. Thank you so much for the lovely link, I'm tickled pink and send you a big squeezy hug. xxx

  18. And such a wonderful obsession it is! In fact, so wonderful I have decided that I'll need to hook me up some wristies as soon as I can get back to my crochet hook :-) Thank you for inspiring me, as always! ♥ xxxx

  19. Just LOVE the little buds! See you tomorrow.


  20. Sandra, they are just perfect! And I love the ones with the shell pattern really much! S sorry to hear that the first pair did shrink (I have shrunk few items in my life too and made my husbands work shirts pink ones :-)) I also love the picture of Stanley sitting on those squares on your Instagram :-) lots of love here at your blog ;-) hugs, J.

  21. Oh your gloves / wristees are very addictive remember the dozen or so I made round christmas time? I love these ones best of all in my favourite colour too xx

  22. Love your wristwarmers, the basket weave pattern is just perfect.
    The little coiled rose is already a favourite of mine, as I made a whole Winter wreath using mostly these pretty roses in lots of different sizes, if your interested its on my project page on Ravelry and I am crochetandsmile, thanks for more inspiration and glorious colours. Happy Hooking. Jules. : )

  23. Oh these are wonderful! I've just learnt to crochet i'm definitely going to have a go at these. They look so pretty and dainty. x

  24. If the promised colder weather hits you're going to be lovely and snug in those ... both pairs look lovely :)

  25. They are gorgeous and so nice and warm and you can still use your hands ... perfect!

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  27. Oooo holy hell, these are pretty! I could easily swap my scarf obsession for a wrist warmers one!


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