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 Thank you so much for your response to my Colour Theory Blanket in the last post.  I must say you certainly made me feel a lot better about the whole thing, you really did.  For all my fuss and bother about it, maybe things worked out just as it should after all.

Incidentally that picture above is a portion of the vast amount of ends that I had to deal with on this blanket.  For some perverse reason I kept them all collected up in a little basket during the whole process.  Some slightly sadistic part of me wanted to see how huge the pile would be and I was intrigued to see how much of the yarn I was using would just snipped off and thrown away.  It turns out this lot weighed 30g  (Yikes!)

I've seen people make good use of ends like this.  They make them into felt balls and such, but there's not a chance that I'm sorting through them, so they are going to the birds.  There should be some beautifully colourful nests about the neighbourhood this season.

But on to business, today I thought I'd show you a little of what me and my hook have been up to around these parts lately.  A collection of 'some things' that I thought you might like to see...

My Ricicles Shawl, version 2.1

As version 2.0 was really just a tester piece, I didn't have enough yarn to finish.  In the end I purchased some cotton to make my 'spring' version out of and on impulse shoved in this brighter pink.  I like it but I think it's turned my spring shawl into a summer one?

 A tea bubble

I got three of these gorgeous shaped cups from the Tea and Kate website the other day and I love them so much.  Look at that rounded little botty.  I call them the tea pods.  We don't have cups of tea in this house any more, we have a 'pod' of tea.  It's like drinking out of a ceramic bubble.  Fantastic.

 Plans afoot!

I've started work on a sort of bloggy spin off project I've been thinking about for a quite a while now.  Crochet lovers will be happy - I hope.

 Loopy Lou

This is almost finished now and I want to show you what I've been up to, so the quest for some decent photography light begins.  I've also been racking my brains for a name for this thing and maybe the title I just used above, on a whim, might work...

After the rain

The chances of getting the aforementioned light seen to have increased significantly lately.  The other day when the sun came out I was so excited I popped into the garden to take some shots in the sun and it felt like a rare and wonderful treat. (And yes, my lawn is in dire need of a haircut!)


I posted this on Instagram today, just because it pleased me.  I thought that was reason enough to shove it on here too.  Just because.

S x

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  1. "Just because" is the very best of reasons xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the teacups!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. The balls of yarn in the last picture look like a family of very happy colourful mice in a circle to me!! Very cute. All of your other things are lovely too. It is amazing how many ends you have after a big project isn't it, I am throwing mine away as they are acrylic and I'm not sure that is good for the birds in case they eat some, but I agree that if you have natural fibres the birds would make great use of them! xx

  4. What a staggering amount of left over yarn, I had no idea! Your snippets of latest projects are intriguing, can't wait to see what you are making. happy

  5. Beautiful little bits of brightness... we still have ice and snow so the grass there looks beautiful.

  6. Lovely colourful post...the end shot of the yarn is lovely, as was seeing a spot of sunshine this week! Have a lovely weekend, Sarah xo

  7. Oh where to start? Yourst makes meto want to react to everything ... Haha.
    1. I am afraid this will probably be a silly question but I prefer to ask now then never - you are serious when you say that the bits of the yarn will go to the birds? Do they really use it for their nests? because ifthey do I will have some treats for them as well, especially that I am a bird lover, so I do want to help ;-)
    2. That shawl is just b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. I LOVE LOVE those colours. For me it would be just fine for the spring as well but of course if you use it for the summer then you will need one for the spring, right? ;-)
    3. The tea pod is lovely. Happy cheerful springish colours. If you are like me a new tea cup or pod makes you happy. My son's teacher has the most beautiful cup, even since I saw it I dream about it :-) yes, that is what a cup can make to me ... Haha
    4. I cannot wait to see when the other projects will take shape (no pressure!
    5. Light! I know how you feel, we are blessed with light sun and spring temperatures for a few days and it shall last throughout the weekend, I am HAPPY :-) and it seems that there is a collective happiness going around as well
    6. Our garden needed a haircut too. I did mowed yesterday but also because our neighbours have sheep and the poor fellows eat all their grass so our grass went to them. It fed the sheep bit and it was a really ecological way to get rid of it ;-)
    7. I think I will have to start to blog again. I mean my comment is maybe as long as your post. I hope you don't mind Sandra. I guess the sun makes me so alive
    Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Jitka

  8. Oh, sorry for all the mistakes in my text, I am typing on the go ... J.

  9. I love all your yarn ends, my daughter and I have started to use my ends to use in weaving, we use each stand seperately and currently am making a little wall hanging with my scraps, the colours are all picked random so look fab and it keeps her quiet for ages, LOL.
    Love your blog and all your inspiration, thanks so much Jules xx

  10. Ooooh I love, love,love the colours of your shawl and your plans afoot picture is very intriguing. That is such a good idea to put all your ends out for the birds, I have never thought of doing that !
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kate x

  11. Love the tea pod! I toss my yarn bit out for the birds too! Happy Friday.


  12. Your crocheting is so inspiring. I love everything you make, your blanket from your last post is amazing. I take all my cut off ends, put them in a grapevine ball and hang them in my trees for the birds.

  13. Your photos and creations are all absolutely stunning. I am going to have to learn to crochet, but I doubt I will be up at your standard anytime soon!

  14. I am excited, the shawl colours are incredible, so beautiful. Can't wait to see what you are planning to make us hookers happy ;)

  15. It looks like you have been having fun - love the yarn picture. Scarf looks cute.

  16. I do love that last photo most of all!! And there is something so pretty about the cluster of cut off ends too ;0) Hopefully we'll be having some sunshine this weekend - it's looking positive! J9 x

  17. Every photo in this post is intriguing...those yarn ends, I want to do the same with mine, help my garden birds, they will have some stylish nests this year, won't they? The new colour mixes in well in the shawl, makes me think of ice lollies in the of course you're just going to have to make another one for spring! ;-) Hmmm, I do think I would fancy making a winter one with shades of white, soft greys and taupes, like silver birch in January snow...and I'm looking forward to seeing that loopy creation, too! Chrissie x

  18. Wow such scrummy colours! I must be feeling hungry as the colours of your ricicles shawl makes me think of icecreams!! Love the picture at the end of the lovely yarns with there wiggly tails ... Makes me smile thank you.

  19. Lovely, colourful photos... and dreamy tea pods!

  20. Gorgeous, happy images. My sisters got me a Lucie Kass bowl from Tea and Kate for my birthday. I've just been for a browse and am now wishing I hadn't as I want everything there. x


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