Never say never...

 I thought I'd crossed a fairly serious line when I went on my doily rampage last year.
(here, here and here)

But it seems that another crochet barrier is now in tatters around me because now I've made a potholder too.  Not that there's anything remotely wrong with potholders.  Certainly not, very useful things.  Just I never imagined myself ever making one.  But, you know how this story goes; you see them around and about and then you start to admire them and then, finally, you start to covet them.

It is often collections of them that people have.  Collections of lovely vintage ones.  Neglected treasures that they have found in dusty old corners of thrift stores or some such aladdin's cave of vintage gems.  I don't know if it's just American thrift stores that offer such bounty?  (It seems that way from my side of the fence, but doesn't it always?)

Here in the UK our, generally rather depressing, charity shops don't seem to have quite the same wealth of selection and potential.  I'll admit that I have found some lovely things in charity shops but I've never, ever seen any old crocheted potholders.  Does it happen I wonder?

Well, you make your own luck, they say.  So I've decided to make my very own, brand new, 'vintage' potholder collection.  Oxymorons ahoy!

I've been looking for nice patterns and have collected a few up on Ravelry to try as and when I have a moment and the inclination.  They are a nice quick thing to slip in-between other projects or just to divert the attention for a while.  

So far I've only made this one, but I love it.  I fell in love with it when I saw it on Hopscotchlane's IG feed.  (Which is full of gorgeousness by the way.)  Isn't it sweet?  I even managed to get the proper little plastic rings to make the little loop.

It looks pretty good up on my wall, but a little lonely.  It needs some friends I think.


Pattern: Vintage Inspired Crochet Flower Potholder Pattern by Becky Homick

Hook: 4.0mm (G)

Rico Creative Cotton
Drops Paris

S x

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  1. I just love your rather 'romantic' looking pot-holder! Surely it's too beautiful to use?

  2. Oh i'm with you on the pot holder love. I have quite an addiction to them and a pile of about 15. The funny thing is, I wanted to put some in my new kitchen, but none of the ones I had made looked right, so a few weeks ago I made a few more! Ridiculous I know! Any excuse I suppose! I'm sure your pot holder would REALLY appreciate some 'friends'! Go on, you know you want to!

    Have a super rest of a week

    Vanessa xxx

    p.s Yes, and why do american thrift shops seem to have a better array of granny loving stuff than we do here?

  3. So, if it was a doily rampage last year, I wonder what you will call the new potholder addiction! It looks seriously beautiful, I love the design and colours. I agree with you that I never find things like this in charity shops in the UK, I was lamenting this just the other day in fact. I'm not sure why it is, if people don't donate things or if they are just never put out on display because they are not deemed to be worth of purchase, who knows I wonder. Anyhow, your potholder is so very pretty and I look forward to seeing more from you. xx

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't ever imagine putting a pot on such a lovely thing but they are beautiful, I need to get crocheting some and some mandalas. My kitchen is in some serious need of the crochet touch I think :)

  5. I wonder if the reason UK charity shops don't have as much vintage potholders and other handmade things is that people keep them rather than donate them? Here in USA it is sad to see so many pieces of handwork tossed into the donation boxes rather than being treasured by family members as mementos of the women who made such beautiful things.

  6. Okay~ this is seriously gorgeous and I have to make one or two or three or........ :-)
    I AM American after all..... :-))))))

  7. Okay~ I did it ~ I went right over there and bought this beautiful pattern :-)))
    Can't wait to make a few!

  8. It's lovely - wouldn't a whole assortment of them on the wall make a stunning piece of art! Far too nice to use as pot holder
    Caz xx

  9. This is lovely! The colours you chose go beautifully with the pattern :)

  10. A doily rampage? Ha ha, I love that!

    Prettiest potholder and, yes, it definitely needs a couple of friends! Flowers are seldom seen alone. I trust it's for decoration and you aren't going to start manhandling pans with it?! It's far too lovely. xx

  11. Tee hee, it's all downhill from here, my dear, next you'll be crocheting loo roll holders... ;-) I say this with full knowledge that I have a drawer full of crochet potholders, made by me, made by my mom and grandma, and sent over from the US, where my grandma would troll the flea markets and find vintage beauties! Embrace the potholder love, you have made a gorgeous one, of course you have two hands, though, so you'd better start hooking a partner...Chrissie x PS I also said I wasn't a shawl person, and I'm halfway through my Ricicles Shawl...

  12. It's so pretty! Potholders - are they meant to be used as oven gloves, or as mats? I'm never sure. I know I'd spill something greasy all over one if I actually used it but they look very nice hung on the wall. x

  13. How funny - I've just spent a few days with my sister - and what did I make? A pot holder of course. Like you, I have no idea why, but it is very pretty. I am fighting the urge to edge pillowcases too!

  14. oh my gosh! First! I love it! But it's far too pretty to actually use....?
    *ehem!* looks as if I could actually make one too *grin*

    I am actually in possession of some of my grandmother's (great grandmother's?) potholders!

  15. Deeeelightful! Beautifully executed and I would like to have one yesterday! I need to know how this little lovely keeps it's shape up on the wall. I have some mandalas that I would like to put up on the wall but they go all droopy when I hold them there. I don't really want to starch them. Should I mount them on clear plastic or cardboard? I would like to get it right the first time so that I don't cry. Clearly, I do need help.

  16. Awesome! I think potholders were among the first things I made when I learnt to crochet as a kid.

  17. Ooo! I just found out how this lovely little thing keeps it's shape so well because I too popped over and bought the pattern but I still am very worried about my mandala's.

  18. That must be the prettiest potholder I've ever seen, and I can't believe I now feel the undeniable urge to make my very first potholder too!! xxxx

  19. Gorgeous....maybe its time to try a potholder or two myself.
    This one is so pretty & romantic looking
    Karen x

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  21. adorable potholder! it has a vintage look, but with modern colors :-)

  22. Simply gorgeous Sandra!! I love those colors together!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  23. Sandra, these are exquisite. As well as the humbuk gloves. And true we better avoid saying 'never' as life has a funny way to throw it back at us!! Have a lovely weekend and I am looking forward catching up with you once back from the trip :-) hugs, J.

  24. It's ALMOST too pretty to use. I have given and sold tons of hand made goodies, and I'm sure most have stayed in the box as the owner is afraid of using it. Even crocheted dishcloths are still rolled up with the pretty ribbon and sitting on kitchen counters! I know, because I have seen them in friends houses! I say to them...."use me, love me, wash me if need be. I can make you more"!

    Your potholder is lovely. I agree, she needs some friends!



  25. Just discovered your blog and absolutely love it :)

  26. I am in love! Just back on the crochet bandwagon after a long hiatus. Anxious to follow you!

  27. The potholder most certainly needs more friends! Yours is beautiful... I made my first last week too, tho certainly more practical than pretty!


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