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For all that I love colour and crochet together I can't say I ever have dabbed very much in-row colour changing and picture making areas.  Whilst this is an elegant and beautiful way to use colour when knitting I've always felt that the crochet equivalent was a little unsatisfactory.  Up to now that is.

I recently had the pleasure of finding out that things could be otherwise in the last of my series of Craftsy classes, 'Fair Isle Crochet: Demystifying Colorwork with Karen Whooley'.

Craftsy, if you haven't yet come across this wonderful resource, is a great online community where you can take classes in all sorts of crafty subjects, chat to fellow crafters, see projects, find supplies and even chat to the teachers to get more help.

In this class Karen has come up with a clever way of getting a beautiful neat finish to her crochet colourwork and of course, I had to give it a try to see for myself, so I stitched up with little sample to show you.  The bottom row of purple hearts are crocheted in the normal way and the top row of teal hearts are made using Karen's method.  See what I mean?  They are so much neater and more clearly defined aren't they?

You can see some of Karen's beautiful work in the pictures below.  These are two of the items that are covered in the class, which shows you everything you need to know on using her technique by taking you through three complete projects.

As usual for a Craftsy class, the information is very thorough, all the patterns come with complete instructions and charts included and of course, if you still have problems, Karen herself will be able to respond to your queries online.

It's certainly made me think again about the way I use colour in my crochet work.

What's more, the kind people at Craftsy have allowed me to offer you, my lovely readers, a fantastic 50% discount on this class.

All you need to do to receive the discount is click on the link below and follow the usual checkout process:

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Fair Isle Crochet: Demystifying Colorwork with Karen Whooley

 (This offer will close on 11th November 214 at 11:59pm MT)

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  1. Just what I needed to see... I slouchy Fair isle hat. Just like my newest Nordic Snow Hat. Maybe it isn't to bad after all. This class looks interesting although all my attempts to tapestry crochet has been disastrous before, Maybe that is a reason to get back to class and learn for real.

  2. Thanks for this - it's just what I needed/wanted/longed for/couldn't live without/didn't need/but wanted! :)

  3. Oooh, I have often wondered what the Craftsy make lessons would be like. Have also wanted to give tapestry crochet a try too, this is a great offer, thank you.

  4. Such a beautiful style of crochet!! Thanks for sharing and love what you are stitching up!! xo Heather

  5. I thought the same as you did about in-row colour changing in crochet, but this way does definitely look very neat! xxxx

  6. Wow wow wow... this is amazing!!! I am looking for some new techniques to learn - looks like I found what I was looking for!!


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