Mod Podge I Love You!

I'm not feeling very Christmassy yet are you?

You may not feel that I should be, after all, it is only the 2nd day of December but normally by now I would have been getting festive feelings aplenty.  Normally I can't see November out without creating a little seasonal something and would probably sneaked in a little Yuletide film in while no-one was around to notice.

Still, I'm attempting to 'fake it' and so I'm sitting here drinking a snowflake dusted coffee with my little red-breasted friend, while I find a suitable new computer wallpaper and upload a jaunty festive outfit for my blog to wear.   If you are here in person you no doubt will and have seen my new blog decoration and admired it immensely.  But just in case you are reading from afar, here's a little pic for you, to save you an extra click, because I'm good like that....

I probably would have taken things a little further and changed my bloggy background too but I seem to remember me and Blogger having a bit of an argument about that last time I wanted to make a change which ended with one of us storming off in a huff.  Who needs that hassle at this time of year I ask you?  So, the background remains as is, but other touches have been added to help me get the Christmas feeling going a little.

Anyway, this is all actually by the by as what I wanted to talk about was The Grand Craft Room Renovation, as my quick shuffle around in here is turning into.  Things are looking good and I'm almost at a stage where I'd like to show you around but there's just one or two more things that I'd really like to have in place first.  The trouble is, what with the whole Xmas extravaganza on it's way, the coffers have rather coughed their last for the time being and so the final pieces of my plan are on hold for the moment until funds are replenished.  

In the meantime though I thought I'd share a super quick and easy little make-over that I had great fun with last week.  One of the many, many things that I need to make space for in my crafty haven are the wrapping things.  Ribbons, tags, old gift bags and so on, you know.  Most of it goes into the cupboards but those awkward long rolls of wrapping paper that won't fit elsewhere I like to keep stored in an old bin.  They don't look too offencive that way and it's easy to find the one you want.  

That's all super but the 'old bin' that I'm keeping them in, is not only extremely old... (I think it came with us from the Hub's old bedroom at home!)  it's also not a particularly sympathetic colour for the craft room I'm dreaming of.  So, Mod Podge to the rescue.

Mod Podge, if you are not familiar with it, is just a sort of glue.  Available in a few different flavours, like matt or gloss or for use outdoors etc it's brilliant at sticking most things to most other things.  It reminds me most of the notorious Copydex that was massively popular when I was in Junior School for use in the popular game of 'paint your whole hand with glue and then see if you can peel it off in one go' that we used to play.  Mod Podge, I'm sad to say, doesn't seem to perform so well in this area.  However, the sticking things part it excels at, so it's absolutely ideal for what I had in mind.

My simple and yet cunning planning was to cover the ancient bin with patches of possibly even more ancient wallpaper.  I used the same trick in my laundry cupboard and bathroom cabinet here and even my old craft desk here.  Obviously it's not an idea I'm tired of yet!  Now I have a spanking new desk in white (I was very sad to let my old decorated desk go) and I felt was missing that little injection of 70's glamour which cheers me up every time I see it, so the bin make-over will fill that gap for me nicely.

Here I am, mid 'Podging' and enjoying myself more than I probably should be with the random, slap-it-on-any-old-how technique that I like to employ on these occasions.  The fabulous old wallpaper pieces are from Jane's Etsy shop Little Teawagon.  I'm not sure if she has any left now though I'm afraid as I know she was getting low when I got these...  but if not, Etsy may well be able to provide.

Anyway, a very short amount of time later, the whole scheme probably took less than half and hour to carry out, I had a very swish and stylish new wrapping paper bin.  Have a look and see...

Do you love it?  I do, partly because I just don't tire of seeing those prints and partly because it's just such a fun thing to do.  And, like every other time I get out the MP, I'm now looking around eyeing up potential new victims for the treatment.  The bottoms of my draws are looking like favourites, or maybe my mini hanging shelves....

S x




  1. I'm ashamed to say that I have an unopened bottle of Mod Podge gathering dust on one of my craft shelves. I wonder if it goes off? I love your bin makeover and, once again, leave your (prettily festive) blog with ideas for yet another project!!! ;-) xx

  2. I really must get round to buying some Mod Podge - however, I fear if I buy some it could become another obsession! I'm not sure that the rest of the household is ready to be mod podged as well as crocheted!! :)

  3. What a great idea to pass on to my crafty daughter for her dorm room. Can't wait to see more of your craft room in the future.

  4. Lovely job. I remember that glue vividly, how satisfying it was peel it off when it was dry. I'm looking around now wondering what I can decoupage...

  5. The upcycled bin is ever so pretty, and I am wondering where you found those dainty blue shelves in the final photo? I am looking covetuously at them.

  6. Ah yes, a very successful bin makeover, and I now need to do something similar to treat my rolls of wrapping - one in christmas theme and another for birthdays?? You really did crack me up with your copydex stories, what fun we had!! Loving your festive header too!! Can't wait for the final craft room reveal... Sam xxx

  7. Loving the bin, before was definitely yuk but after is definitely YAY!
    In a previous life I was a primary school teacher and PVA served the same purpose as copydex. The little people used to love to cover themselves in it. I haven't tried mod podge but with a name like that I think I'll have to give it ago.... now what new project can I start??

  8. What a fabulous bin make you festive dress for your blog too xx

  9. How cool to have your own craft room. And mahalo for answering my question. I found a post on Google and I learned for crocheted beanies, I should measure from the very top to the bottom for length.

  10. Ahh, well there you go! Thanks for letting me know :)

    Sandra x

    Cherry Heart
    ・Crochet Corner:


  11. oh I LOVE modpodge! I have some glittery modpodge that would jazz up a wrapping paper bin really well - this is a great idea that I never would have thought off, I just have wrapping paper in a pile in the corner. thanks for this! jenny xx

  12. I absolutely love your coaster in the top picture! What pattern did you use for it?- or did you design it yourself? It's very lovely in any case.


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