Fruit Socktail

What is the definition of a happy project I wonder?

For me it's often the excitement of a crochet new idea coming together and a basketful of happy colours to make it happen with.  But when it comes to knitting I usually like to take a back seat lately and let others do the creative thinking for me.  That means that happiness comes in the form of working with utterly gorgeous yarn and having a delightful pattern to follow.

Like these socks.  They've taken me a relative age to complete, they've been slotted in between other things as is often the way these days.  But I'm enjoying it that way.  I'm finding it really nice to have something ticking away on the back burner, something to turn to when I want to relax and not have to think too much.

But they've been a total pleasure the whole way through, partly because I'm so completely in love with this yarn.  It's by Yan Tan Tethera Yarns on Etsy, the yarn is called Mether and this colourway is called Zingtastic.  The perfect name for this fantastic fruit salad of citrus of colours.  It's not just the colours though, it's a 100% merino yarn so it's got a really springy softness to it, just smooshy heaven.  The kind you want to mash into your face, you know?

Of course, all merino and no nylon does mean I'm going to have to be a little careful when wearing my socks, I do seem to be a little tough on the poor things.  Still I have left-overs so I could darn them, or at least try to, if it comes to it.


So the yarn was good.  Next up, the pattern.  This one is Froot Loop by Kirsti Geraci and I loved it!  Named after an American breakfast cereal apparently.  Not one we get this side of the pond but judging by the photos they looks like multi-coloured fruity Cheerios and so I can see they've been aptly named.  Making these little loops is what kept this pattern so fun and interesting to make I think, every time a little loop would form I'd be so pleased at the clever little pattern that made it and they also doubled up as a nice way of ticking off each repeat as I worked my way through them.

This is one of those happy projects that I didn't want to end, and I actually slowed down as I got closer to the toe, just to make it last a little longer.  Also it's of those very rare patterns that I feel I would want to knit again.  That's high praise in my book.


Yarn: 'Tethera' by Yan Tan Tethera Yarns in Zingtastic Colourway

Pattern: Froot Loop by Kirsti Geraci

My 'Fruit Socktail' Ravelry page

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