When I began...

You may have seen a few blogs lately sharing stories of crochet successes and failures as part of a blog hop to celebrate the new book, Beginner's Guide to Crochet, by Sarah of Annaboo's House.

It was the lovely Chrissie from Chrissie Crafts who invited me to tell of my first crochet success or failure and so I cast my mind back to see what I could remember from those early days.

The thing that leapt up and logged itself fairly firmly in my mind was very much a crocheting failure.

I can't quite remember the very first thing I ever made, I have a feeling it must have been a granny square of some sort.  I seem to remember listening to a nice American lady telling me to 'yarn over and pull through' with a fabulous twanging accent a lot.

The second thing I ever made though, definitely sticks in my head all too well.  Little Miss wanted a small pig made for her for some reason.  I suppose she'd seen it in some book I must have had at the time and been taken with it.  For some reason, knowing no better I guess, I decided I would crochet the little piggie in some very hairy and fluffy pink mohair yarn.  Maybe it was the only pink I had at the time?

Whatever concatenation of foul works came together to make this unearthly crochet combination, it obviously (with hindsight) was never going to be a happy crafting experience.  Amazingly, I did finish the pig and I think, if you looked closely, from the right direction, it did look like a pig.  But when you've said that, you've said all of good that can be said about it.

Probably needless to say it wasn't a remotely enjoyable experience, the yarn snagged and caught on the hook, I couldn't see what I was doing or where the hook was going.  The whole thing was completed on a bit of a wing and a prayer really.

I thought I'd destroyed every trace of this mohair monstrosity, certainly the pig itself was removed from the building just as soon as I was sure Little Miss had forgotten it existed.  It turns out though that evidence does survive.  My obsessive logging of all my makes on Ravelry came back to haunt me today because here she is....

So take heed any beginners out there, please don't choose mohair yarn for your early crochet projects, only misery can ensue!

S x