Spice of Life CAL - Last Day

Spice of Life CAL

Well, today is the end of the 'official' part of this Spice of Life Crochet Along and I hope, like me, you've enjoyed the ride!

It's been quite a journey of discovery for me I have to say, I've learnt an awful lot along the way and I hope that many of you will be able to say the same.  Especially those plucky and resilient crafters who were totally new to crochet and made this their first project.  This was always a project designed for beginners, but what we had in mind was those beginners that do already know the ropes, so to get this off the ground as your very first make is an achievement indeed.

I'm thrilled that so many of you newbies did take the plunge and it's been so great to hear the messages of all of you, be it newer or more experienced crocheters that have joined in with this blanket with us.  It's been great that so many of you have learnt a new pattern or conquered a new stitch.  But also I'm so very chuffed that so many of you who maybe had nothing to learn but simply liked the pattern and wanted  to join in did so too.  I'm so glad that there was something with this blanket that could appeal to everyone.

Of course, the very best bit for me was watching all your makes come to life, be it with a yarn pack or with yarn and colours of your own.  The variety has been amazing, gorgeous eye candy of the best kind and totally inspiring!

So, all in all, a huge...


...to absolutely everyone who participated and helped this Crochet Along go off
with what turned out to be a pretty loud bang in the end I think!  You are all awesome!

: :

Of course, I couldn't possibly write this post without also saying a very special thank you to everyone at Black Sheep Wools

What an amazing bunch they are.  Not only have they made this all possible but they've also supported me throughout this, organised a special meet-up, made up packs, send yarn across the world and been a great team on Facebook too.  Not to mention the fact that they and got well and truly bitten by the Spice of Life bug!

Thank you so much!

: :

What now for Spice of Life?

 For those of you that started a little later or still would like to make the Spice of Life Blanket, I'm pleased to say that the pattern will remain available and will still be free.

♥  You'll also be able to refer to all my original posts with helpful tips of working through the blanket sections by referring to the Spice of Life Page, which you'll also find linked from my main web page.

♥  Thanks to the wonderful ladies of Black Sheep Wools, the Spice of Life CAL Facebook Group will be remaining open, so you can continue to share your Spice of Life pictures and get help with the pattern there.

♥  And of course, you're welcome to continue using the #spiceoflifeCAL tag on Instagram.

S x