Some Festive Things

Hello everyone, I'm back!

Did you have a lovely little break and enjoy some jolly festive times?  For my part I can say that I most certainly did.  I struggled with summoning up my usual Christmas glee this time around and so things felt a little more low-key than usual I suppose but still enjoyable.  A nice mix of family, feasting, playing, slouching, watching, hosting and hiding away.

The break from everything has been quite blissful really and there's been a nice amount of lovely, lovely feet up with knitting or crochet on the go and a very kind Hubs on hand providing coffee or sustenance at well timed intervals.  Just what I needed to restore myself.  He's a real keeper that one.

I realised after I'd packed my blog away for the season that I hadn't shared my usual Christmas bling in a post with you which was a shame as I got a couple of real gems this year.  Still, I did snap this lovely nutcracker solider as he stood sentry in the tree.  He's one of a set of 3 that I was very pleased to pick up on the annual Sparkly trip.

We tend to get Christmas packed away a little early around these parts as I have an early January birthday and I like to separate the two a bit if I can.  But I am determined that the dim and short winter days will not be too grim around here.  My plain and simple fairy lights are staying out dotted around the house and these little white houses are staying too.  They look so cozy when lit in the evenings that it seems a shame to pack them away and I think they fit just as nicely into the 'winter' category as  they do into the Christmas one.


I had a very quiet and simple birthday this year.  It seems to have been the theme for us this whole season really.  I got some wonderful treats from my lovely two, got up late after breakfast in bed, walked in the cold park, cozied up with crochet in the warm, enjoyed a favourite dinner followed by a lip smackingly good pud, all cooked for me.  Who could ask for more really?

There are lots of makes I need to share with you, as well as lots of yarny goodies and presents to show.  I could try and catch up with everything on here but I'm thinking it's crying out for a podcast really.  I shall try to get to that soon I think.

I did just want to give you a quick glimpse of this one though.  It's my scrap sock blanket take two.  Do you remember I started one before?  I got seduced by the beauty of Little Bobbins knitted sock yarn squares blanket, among others and threw reason to the wind and started one of my own.  Complete folly of course and I knew it at the time but sometimes you can't stop yourself can you? 

This time some reason has prevailed and I'm going with a crochet version, so there's some chance that this one will actually make it past the handkerchief stage!  Of course, now I'm going to need to get some more minis to add in.... yarn shopping anyone?  

S x