Getting Away

I'm such a bad blogger these days, I seemed to have slipped out of that desirable blogging habit of randomly snapping pictures while I go about my days at home, and now I keep forgetting to take my big camera with me when I go places too.  Terrible.  Still, I nearly always have my phone with me so I do have something to show...

We popped away to Norfolk last week for a little break.  Just a few days, but a chance to have a change of pace and 'get away from it all'.  I've been wanting to go to Norfolk for a long time and so it was good to get the opportunity to visit.  I think we picked probably one of the worse spring weeks weather wise though, it was very grey, blustery and quite frankly, cold!

We tried hard not to let that spoil things for us though and although it did stop us doing some of the nice walks along the beach that we'd had in mind, we did still potter about and see a reasonable amount while we were there.  We stopped off at Norwich on the way up to our B&B and I managed to find a few purchases to make.  I found two yarn shops and a fabric shop during our meandering, a veritable wealth of choice compared to my options locally.

It was actually a little hard to tear ourselves away from the room at our choosen Bed and Breakfast, (Ramsgate House) once we'd arrived, it was so pretty, spacious, and comfortable.  The bed seemed wonderfully large and was very cozy and look at that bath too, so inviting!  I loved everything about this room actually, it was very much in my taste and if this was my bedroom at home I'd be a very happy ducky indeed.

I don't know if it's just a sign of my age but I generally find that when we go on these sort of trips, things tend to center rather largely around eating and coffee stops.  Although, the latter were fairly essential on this occasion for warming the body and keeping the spirits up in the grim conditions.

We had a little steam train trip to Sheringham and tried to find Tilly Trout's haunt, the Funky Mackerel.  We weren't successfully unfortunately but it's on the list for next time for sure.  We did have a slap up meal 'Upstairs at No1' in Cromer though.  I'm not much of a fan of the battered fish so I went for a chicken burger which had lots of lovely trimmings and it was absolutely delicious. Yum!

We spend our last morning in Holt and that was a nice place to visit.  There are lots of lovely little nooks and crannies of streets and courtyards there filled with pretty little gift and antique shops to toddle around.  We made a couple of selective 'new house' purchases while we were there, including something that I hope will look nice in the new craft room...

And of course, no such trip would be complete without a cream tea to accompany it.  We had ours at the Folly Tearoom in Holt.  Pretty surroundings, delicate vintage china and warm scones.

S x