Bobbing Along Blanket

 Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah, it's a new pattern release day!

I love these days.  Well, they make me a little anxious actually.  The whole 'revealing your creation to the world' thing is a little daunting and scary but other than that, it's really exciting and fun.

I know some of you kind and lovely souls out there actually wait for some of these patterns of mine to come out with anticipation too, so it's very nice to know that at last I am ending (your often lengthy) wait and you are now able to go off and indulge in the joy of the yarn shopping/stash diving/pre project planning stage.

Today, if you hadn't already realised if from that blast of 'wake-up now' colour up there, I'd love to show you my new Bobbing Along Blanket pattern.

Actually, you might not know too much about this blanket of mine because it's been simmering away on the back burner for quite some time now.  Sneaky peaks have appeared on my Instagram feed over the summer but I didn't really give too much away until I spoke about the blanket on my latest podcast episode last week... It's Episode 17, if you fancy a watch and hear me chat about it a little.

This has been one of those deceptive patterns that seem simple in theory but getting the nitty gritty of the details right has taken a while.  The whole place is littered with my numerous samples and re-workings of this tricky little customer but I'm happy to say that those stormy troubles are behind me at last and all is now plain sailing on these cool and calm waves.  (I went for a sea-based metaphor, it seemed appropriate!)  So hopefully you have no trouble navigating the way on your own blanket-making voyage.  (Ok I know, too much, I'll stop now.)

I decided to go for a medium size for this one.  I think of it as a large baby blanket, big enough for a cot bed and the sort that will last well into toddlerhood but it's easily big enough to make a nice lap blanket too.   But I know that we often like to customise our blanket sizes to make them just right for whatever purpose we have in mind so I've included some information to help you do that.  All the stitch count information that you need is there, plus I've included some guidelines for yardage quantities to help you estimate how much you'll need.

I also used a cotton yarn that I've not worked with before, Stylecraft's Malabar in Aran.  Ooh, I loved this yarn so much.  It's a beautifully soft yarn and tactile yarn with a portion of silk content in it which means it drapes beautifully.  The cotton has got this lovely, almost worn and washed quality to it, so as you make the blanket it doesn't feel all stiff and new at all, it feels like it's already an old and treasured favourite.  It makes it really lovely to work with and of course, the thing that caught my eye, those gorgeous colours!

My original inspiration for the pattern was that pretty 'feather and fan' knitting stitch.  It's sort of like a ripple but the curves make much more subtle waves, rather than the zig zag of a ripple and I really love that open lacy feel that the holes give it.  That's what I wanted to add to my pattern, to make for a bit of a lighter feel.  I also added these lovely ridges to the waves, that one of my favourite things, I love how they make each wave of colour so clean and distinct.

And of course, working up all those bobbing waves just kept putting the same song in my head. (Bedknobs and Broomsticks fans will know exactly what I mean.)  So naming this one my 'Bobbing Along Blanket' was very simple.

: :   B O B B I N G   A L O N G   : :

Sandra Paul

For more details please see the Bobbing Along Blanket pattern pages linked below
(yarn and hook details, size information, gauge, etc..)


Bobbing Along on Ravelry

Bobbing Along on Love Crochet

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I hope you enjoy the pattern and I'd love to see you make yours..

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