Not a craft room

I made quite a bit of a hoo-ha about the fact that I moved from my craft room to our little garden room last year and I shared much of it here with you.

What I never did get around to showing you though, is what became of the room I left behind...

It has been turned from the girly, flowery, crafty haven it was, into a white (extremely white) and streamlined man room.  To briefly re-cap - we were going to move last year you see, and although we got pretty close to calling an entirely new house home (the packing had begun), unfortunately it seemed that things weren't meant to be and we ended up staying right here.

I think it's turned out to be the very best thing that could have happened as it turned out but it did mean that we wanted to make some changes with our faithful old abode and having a little room shuffle was priority number one.  So, I went from the small room in the house to the garden room outside and he came indoors.

Luckily for him most of the 'girly, flowery and pink' left when I did, as most were additions too, rather than the main focus of, the room.  So he was left with a fairly blank canvas.

Which, to be blunt, I suppose he has essentially maintained.  He is a streamlined kind of soul style wise, naturally gravitating towards more modern and sleek designs than I would choose.  This space is his home office and he is a tidy and ordered sort when it comes to work. 

But, he did like the idea of a shot of bright orange to give the space something of a lift and so a few bright touches have been added.  I was most graciously requested to provide a little something too.  As always, my twosome impose very little on my valuable crafting time and so it is always my pleasure to provide.

So I created this set of accessories for his room.  Curtain ties to offset that expanse of orange draping the window.  A mat for the keyboard, to stop the horrible clonking keys clattering away through the household and a couple of matching coasters, which obviously, every discerning home office really should have if at all possible.

It isn't always easy to find fabric choices suitable to his taste from my rather ditsy and cute collection but it turned out I have just enough of the right sort of thing to suit this room and his tastes.  Not a huge feature of the room, but just enough to tie things together and to add a splash of colour.

It's nice that I've been able leave a little crafty touch behind in this old room of mine.

S x