Dog Walking in Spring

After 'dog walking in autumn' and 'dog walking in winter' it will probably come as no surprise to you that I've decided to talk about 'dog walking in spring' too.  I hope you won't mind coming with me on a little turn around the field.

Spring is my most favourite season and although I am now harbouring a bit of a crush on autumn these days, it is spring that really gets me giddy.  I think I love it best because it's a time filled with such a time of potential.  Everything starts to burst into life, full of energy, ready to burst forth.  All those little green shoots poking their heads out of the soil, the buds appearing and getting plump, the brave early flowers showing their faces.

It always makes me feel the same way.  I get full of ideas and excitement to try new things, make changes and turn over new leaves.  Personally, I think the 'new year' concepts of a fresh starts and resolutions would work much better in spring.

  While winter walks didn't turn out, for the most part, to be as bleak as I feared they would be, it's the  spring walks that I've been looking forward to.  I've been waiting for it to feel a little warmer and watching for evidence of natures' new year and fresh new start.

It's been fun to go out each day and see if there if anything is starting to stir.  Seeing the smallest touches of green start to appear, wondering how quickly it would all burst into life.  I thought that it might be a quick turn from bleak to lush but in fact it's been quite a slow unfurling.  Each little change marking a step along the way.

The first big sign of course is the snowdrops but there were other, more subtle signs.  A wet day making the grass seem a that little bit greener, tiny buds starting to appear on the branches.  I even found some daffodils that had made their way out to the field too, evidence of the houses nearby.

The sheep have some new visitors now the weather is a little warmer too.  One day we walked past the usual field and a pair of horses had appeared.  Neighbours for our sheepy friends.  They seem friendly and came and approached us that first day, come to see if we had anything  good to offer I suppose.  But we didn't so they quickly lost interest in us and returned to their grazing.

The thing I've been waiting and looking forward to most though is the blossom to come and decorate the trees.  There are so many hawthorn bushes in the hedgerows I was hoping I'd be in for a good treat when the time came and it was lovely when it eventually came, frothy and delicate and transforming winter into spring at last.

Finally, now the leaves are starting to turn the trees back to green.  I've been surprised how many weeks it's taken them, after I first spotted the leaves coming, to grow enough to cover the branches and fill in and flesh out the landscape.

On a good day now the sun is starting to make us feel warm as we walk around our route and we don't always need our big winter coats anymore.  It's pretty much the perfect time for walking, mild and beautiful but not too hot.  Yeas, spring walks are good walks.

S x





  1. I guess those trees with the white flowers are Hawthornes? Very pretty - thanks for sharing

    1. Yes! Well the second one is, I'm not sure on the first one actually...

      S x

    2. More likely to be blackthorn, so keep an eye out for sloes in the autumn. Hawthorn leaves usually appear before the flowers, but with blackthorn it is the other way round

    3. Ahh, yes! That first picture was up where I saw the sloes in autumn so you must be right. Thank you!

  2. your spring walks look so beautiful. We are loving walking to school and watching the changes, and looking forward to the first official not needing a coat walk!

  3. Thank you for sharing, this walk with us. I always smile when I see your name appear in my inbox, I know I'm going to be delighted, I travel the journey with you and love every step you take, you are a strong, brave, talented, woman!

  4. The best thing about spring is the flowers and how much the colours blossom in your sight. Its inexorably beautiful.

  5. What type of sheep are those beauties?


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