Hello everyone!

Goodness me it feels like a long time since I've been here, I'm surprised there isn't a cobweb or two hanging from the blog corners...  So, how have you been keeping?  Did you have a good Summer?

This year's summer break has been a lovely one for me.  It's been a real mixture of activity, with lots going on but also some delightful utter laziness in between.  Now that my Little Miss is no longer quite so 'little', the need to don my old 'Entertainments Officer' cap has lessened considerably.  She is on the cusp of teenager-hood and as such is beginning to hone the vital 'slobbing out on the sofa' skills that will be invaluable to her over the next few years.  She has yet to master the grand art of 'laying in bed half the day' but these things take time.  We do at least tend to shift into a more holiday friendly timetable during the break though, a bit of flexibility over bedtime generally mean later morning starts, which suit us both well.

So whilst we have have been busy with horses and pony days, birthday 'do's' (one for family and another for friends), lots of swimming, the usual visiting and a trip to Spain, we've also been enjoying lounging around.  She has mastered a new PS4 game, whilst I crochet (or knit) away, offering 'helpful' tips from the sidelines.  We've had leisurely lunches, meandering dog walks and have both become Doctor Who fanatics.

Yes, it's been fun this year and I'm quite sorry to see those days end this time.  Usually by now I am champing at the bit to be back to routine, order and the freedom to 'get on' with things.  And whilst I can see that a little routine is exactly what I need to get out of my slovenly summer ways, I'm less eager than usual to get back to 'normal'.

Having said all that, in the last few days I have been taken with that urge to tidy, sort and clear-out that often hits me in September.  I frequently seem to get the urge for 'fresh starts' about now, (it must be a new school term thing) and so I've been making little steps towards that this past week and we even had a little bedroom shuffle at the weekend.  It feels so good to get into the dark dusty places, sweep the cobwebs away, get rid of the seemly unavoidable accumulation of junk and feel all fresh and new again.

I'll leave you with a few snaps of our holiday japes...

 Scrummy topping explotions

 5th birthday for my lovely niece

Foam parties start young these days

A Cluedo obsession was spawned from the film 'Clue'

The Sagrada Famillia from Gaudi's house La Pedrera

Casa Batlló, not your average terrace

Inside the impressive Palau de la Música

The Gothic Quarter, Barcelona 

Amazing what you can find in Spain if you look in the right place!
(All You Knit is Love yarn shop and Chrissie from Chrissie's Crafts)

Lovely Llafranc

My water baby


Obligatory 'toes in water' shot

Street names in tiles - beautiful

Good night

S x





  1. Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing - It is so nice to have you back.....

  2. I went to that Yarn shop in Barcelona! Lovely owners and the shop itself was really unusual. Looks like a great summer :)

  3. Lovely pics. Isn't that architecture wonderful? How lucky you were to have seen it up close. I love the water pics too. Lovely to 'see' you again. x

  4. Lovely to see your pics - even lovelier still to see Llafranc- we have been there twice now, such a pretty town with its beautiful bay :)

  5. Lovely, Sandra - great pic of you and Chrissie!


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