A Spicier Life CAL - Part 2

Hello Spicier Lifers!

It's been so lovely to see all your blankets get under way over the past week and especially good to get to spend a little time with some of you at the Black Sheep Wools 'Afternoon Tea Meet-up', crochet, chatter and cake!  What could be better?

Today is time for the second part of this blanket pattern and it's time to flex our crochet hooks a little and move on a little from those familiar basic stitches.  This time we'll be venturing into some more intermediate level stitches and I've thrown a slightly more tricky one in there too.

Don't worry though, there are a few less rows this week to give you time to practice and get things right and of course, I wouldn't leave you to it without giving you some extra help to master anything you find that's new.  So this week, you'll also find some video links included in the pattern.  I'm pleased to say I managed to get videos working for both right and left handers too, so do check those out if you get stuck at all.  (Links will also be on the Spicier Life CAL page.)

Remember you can also pop along to the Spicier Life Crochet Along Group on Facebook for lots of 'Spicier' chat and you can also share your pictures using the #SpicierLifeCAL tag.

But without further ado, here's the download so you can get started...

Download Spicier Life Pattern Part 2

Don't worry if you haven't got your pack yet and still want to join in though, there is still plenty of time.  The downloadable files will stay online and you still have plenty of time to order your yarn and get started.  There's no rush with our CAL's.

Yarn Packs are available from Black Sheep Wools
(See the four lovely options below)

You can catch up with the Spicier Life posts so far and find all the previous downloadable files from the Spicier Life CAL page.

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Yarn Pack Colours
Top Left: Jaipur in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK
Top Right: Taj Mahal in Stylecraft Special DK
Bottom Left: Jaipur in Stylecraft Special DK
Bottom Right: Bollywood in Stylecraft Special DK

S x