Rosie Posie Grannie Square Tutorial

★☆ - Beginner

What you'll need...

Various colours of yarn (I used Patons Smoothie DK)
Appropriate size crochet hook for your yarn (I used a 4mm - USA G)
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Crochet Terms:

This pattern is written in UK terms. 
American terms are given below in green.

British (American)
sp - Space
ss - Slip Stitch (Slip Stitch)
ch - Chain (Chain)
dc - Double (Single)
htr - Half Treble (Half Double)
tr - Treble (Double)
dtr - Double Treble (Treble)

WRITTEN PATTERN:  Abbreviated instructions for the pattern can be found at the end of the post, if you're happy to work from them alone, free feel to jump to the end right now.

: :   TRANSLATIONS   : :

FRENCH INSTRUCTIONS with many thanks to Marie-Line of Le Blog Purple
 DANISH INSTRUCTIONS with many thanks to Mette Jakobsen of Sommerfuglen
SWEDISH INSTRUCTIONS with thanks to Erika Strande of Fingers Crossed (And half square)
GERMAN INSTRUCTIONS with many thanks to Sabine of Pandora's Box


Start by making a magic loop and chaining 1.  (If you're not too sure on making magic loops, check out the beginning of my Mix and Match Flowers Tutorial, that'll show you how.)

Then make 8 double crochet stitches into the loop.

Pull the tail end of the loop up tight so the dc's come into a circle shape.

Then make a slip stitch into the 1st dc that you made to close the circle.


Next, chain 1 and make 2 dc's into the same stitch you just made your clip stitch into.

Continue round the circle, making 2 dc's into each stitch.  You should have 16 stitches.

Make a slip stitch into the first dc of the round to complete the circle.

Fasten off and row one is complete.


Join a new colour and chain 2.

Then make a treble stitch into the same stitch.  This is a 2 treble cluster stitch.

Chain 1, then we'll make another cluster stitch into the next dc, like this...

Make a treble stitch as usual, by wrapping the yarn around the hook, inserting the hook into the stitch, wrapping yarn and pulling through the stitch, then wrapping the yarn and pulling through 2 of the hooks on the hook.  Then you stop at this stage, before completing the treble stitch.  It should look like this (above right), with 2 loops still on your hook.

Then into the same stitch, start making another treble.  Wrap the yarn around your hook, insert the hook into the stitch, wrap again and pull through, like the picture above on the left.

Then wrap the yarn and pull through 2 loops on the hook and stop there without completing the treble stitch.  It should look like the picture on the right.

To complete the cluster stitch, you wrap the yarn around the hook once more and pull the yarn through all 3 loops on the hook.  (Above left)

Make 1 chain and then make another 2treble cluster stitch into the next stitch.  Continue in this way, right around the circle, making 2 treble clusters with one chain between each cluster.

Once you are right back to the beginning and have finished your last treble, we need to close the circle by chaining 1 and then making a slip stitch into the top of the first cluster.  (Where my hook is on the picture above left.)

Once this is done, fasten off you yarn and round two is complete.


Join a new colour yarn into one of the chain spaces of the row below and chain 2.

We're now going to make another cluster stitch, so make a treble into the same chain space, remembering not to complete the treble stitch, just like we did before.  You should stop at this stage (Above right)

But this time we're going to make another treble into the same chain space, again stopping before the stitch is complete.  (Above left).

Then wrap the yarn for the last time and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.  This counts as a 3 treble cluster.  Then chain 2.

We now need to make a 3 treble cluster into the next chain space.  So make you first treble to this stage .(above left)

Then make your second unfinished treble, like this. (above right)

Then make a third unfinished treble stitch and you should have four loops on your hook.

Wrap the yarn again and pull it through all of these 4 loops to complete the cluster stitch.  Then chain 2.

Carry on in the same way, making a 3 treble cluster stitch into each chain space and chaining 2 in between each cluster until you get round to the beginning   Then ended on 2 chains, make a slip stitch into the top of the first cluster stitch as shown in the photo, above left.

Fasten off this yarn for the end of round 3.


Note - This last round does vary in the video tutorial. 
I begin the round in a different place in the video, but the end result is the same!

Join a new colour yarn in a chain space and chain 3.  

Then make a treble into the same space.  (That's a normal treble, we've finished making cluster stitches now.)

Now we're going to be making a half treble stitch into the next chain space.  So you'll need to wrap the yarn round your hook, insert your hook into the space and pull the yarn through.  (above left)

Then to finish the stitch, wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.  This makes a half treble (htr), which is a bit shorter than a treble stitch. 

Make another 2 of these half treble stitches into the same chain space.

Then move to the next chain space and make 3 normal treble stitches.

In the next chain space, we are going to make a double treble stitch, that's the one where you wrap the yarn twice around the hook before you insert the hook into the chain space.  (Above left)

It should look like this when you're done.  (Above right - It's longer than a normal treble stitch)

Make two more double treble stitches into the same chain space.

*** Then, because this is going to be a corner, we're also going to chain 2 then make a further 3 double treble stitches, all into that same space.  It should look like this when it's done.  (Above right)

Into the next space you need to make 3 treble stitches.

Then into the next space, 3 half treble stitches.

Into the next space, 3 treble stitches.

Into the next space you need to make 3 double treble stitches.  This completes one whole side of the square.

Go back up to the step marked *** above and repeat the steps to this point.  This will make another corner and a second side of the square. (Above left)

Go back and repeat the steps from the *** once more, to complete the third side of the square. (Above right)

To finish off, we need to make the last corner.  So chain 2 and make 3 double trebles into the same chain space.

This brings us back to the first chain space again.  Work a half treble into the same space that your first chain of 3 was made.

To finish the square, make a slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain of 3 (shown with my hook in the picture).

And there you have your square.  It still looks a little dishevelled at this point, so weave in the ends and straighten it out a bit.

That's better!

Now you can go on and make as many as you like.  All different colours or all one colour.  Leave them separate and use them as coasters, attach them together to make blankets, scarves, cushions or whatever takes your fancy.

I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Round One:
Make a magic loop, chain 1 and make 8 dc into loop, ss to first dc to complete round.

Round Two:
1ch and make 2 dc's into each stitch, ss to first dc to complete round.  Break yarn. (16 stitches)

Round Three:
Join new yarn, 2ch, 1 tr into same stitch, *1ch and 2tr cluster into next stitch, repeat from * to beginning of round, 1ch, make ss into top of 1st cluster.  Break yarn.

Round Four:
Join new yarn to chain space, 2ch and 2tr cluster into same space, *2ch and 3tr cluster into next space, repeat from * to beginning of round, 2ch, make ss into top of 1st cluster.  Break yarn.

Round Five:
Join new yarn to chain space, 3ch, 1tr into same space, 3htr into next sp, 3tr into next space, then into next space work (3dtr, 2 ch, 3dtr), *3tr into next sp, 3htr into next space, 3 tr into next space, then into next space work (3dtr, 2ch, 3dtr), repeat from * twice more then, 1tr into first sp, then ss to top of beginning chain of 3.  Break yarn.

Why not come and share your creations with us in Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner, my Ravelry group.  It's a great place to go if you've got any questions too!

S x


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  35. If you go back and look, they are using UK terms, so where they are doing Treble it is really a double in the US....I know this is late and I hope it helps. I realized all of this after I completed the whole thing and it isn't square, but it works as a good coaster

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    Thanks so much, so glad you like the pattern. As to treble stitches, I guess it depends where in the world you are. In the UK the treble is wrap yarn once before inserting into stitch. In the US that stitch is known as a double. Are you the in the US, if so, that'll explain it!
    I write all my patterns using UK terms and just have the translations to US terms at the top of each tutorial.
    Hope that helps

    Sandra x

  38. Thanks Cathy! You're quite right, I work to UK terms I'm afraid. I know it's confusing when you're used to US terms. I wish they'd just standardise things, it'd make life so much easier!
    Sandra x

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