Twinkler Stars

Hooray, it's here!  It's December and in our house that means the Christmas build up can officially begin.  Songs can be sung, films can be watched and before too much longer, halls will be decked.

If you've been hanging around here for a while you might know that I'm a big fan of the festive season.  I do love the sparkle and the excess, the excitement of anticipation, the warm glow of the fire and the twinkle of the tree lights.

In fact I sometimes find it quite hard to wait for the 1st of the month to roll round, so when the festive mood struck me on a lazy sunday last weekend, I gave in the the feeling and allowed myself a little pre-festive treat.  I wanted to make some stars, something to add to wrapped presents for an extra decoration.  I hadn't planned on making my own, I'd seen plenty of stars about and so I hooked a few, trying out different patterns.  A lot of them came out pretty big though and some of them were a little fiddly for my taste.

I wanted something teeny tiny and super quick and easy, so I decided to make things as basic as possible and hooked up these little cuties.  Incredibly simple and speedy and just the right combination of festive and lazy - prefect for December weekends.

I showed these stars to the kind and wonderful people of Instagram and as well as being their usual sweet and complimentary selves, said that they might be able to find a use for such stars themselves.  So for them and for you too, I thought I'd share my Twinkler Star pattern.
A little Christmas star cheer for you to sprinkle around.

(This is written in UK terms, see chart below for translations)

ROUND 1:  Chain 5 and make a ss into the 1st chain to form a loop.

ROUND 2:  Chain 3 and make 2tr's into loop, 1 ch, (3tr into loop, 1ch) 4 times, ss to top of starting chain.

ROUND 3:  ss into next tr, *(2tr, 1dtr, 3ch, 1dtr, 2tr) into next ch sp, ss into the middle tr of next group of 3*, repeat from * to * 5 times.

That's it!

And there's a chart too...


Stars in all shapes and sizes...

I started making my titchy stars with crochet thread, but you can use any yarn and hook size you like.  Have a look at these different stars for an example...

I quite like the rounded off style of the corners but of course you could also pin them out and make them nice and pointy too.

Just give them a spray of water to make them keep their shape.  Or, if you want them nice and stiff to hang up on the tree, try spray starch, or better still, paint their backs with pva (white) glue.

Happy star making everyone!

S x

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