Email Subscription

Unfortunately Google (Feedburner) will no longer deliver my posts to you!

So I've found an alternative called 'Feedrabbit' and if you sign up and add my blog to it, they will email my new blog posts to you as I make them - hooray!

...and receive my blog posts in your inbox.

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Six Simple Steps to sign up...

1. Click the link above and you'll see this page.  My blog details are already filled in, just hit 'Subscribe'.

2. If you are not already a Feedrabbit member, you'll be asked to sign up.  Click the green button.

3.  Enter your email address in the box and click to sign up'.

4.  Feedrabbit will confirm the details of the new blog you are adding.  Click the blue 'Save' button.

5.  Almost there, the Feedrabbit subscription to my blog is now set up, now you just need to confirm you want to receive these emails...

6.  Go to your email account and find the Feedrabbit email.  Click the link to verify your account.

That's it, you'll start receiving my blog posts by email

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