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Experiments in yarn...

It seems I'm in a fairly experimental frame of mind when it comes to my yarn crafting just lately.

Not because I can't settle on one thing for a change, but because I have too many ideas and I'm afraid some of them will get lost in the ether unless I make a start on them now.  Because I'm a bit of a stubborn finisher (mostly), I guess my thinking is, if I start them all, I'm reasonably sure I'll make myself finish them.

There's also a slight fear of 'lack of projects' fuelling my hooking on madness at the moment.  Not something I normally suffer from, but a bout of 'not having much on the go and not knowing what to get on the go' after Christmas is still fresh in my mind, so while the cro-jo is ticking over nicely, I feel the need to harness it's energy for any potential sparse times ahead.

Not sure that this sort of 'preventative cro-jo protection' is possible or if it will be at all effective, but my brain seems to think it…

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