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I'd planned to write this post yesterday, but the internet went down in the morning and apparently in took a team of engineers to get us all in the area connected again.  (Thank you Engineers!)
You'd think a day of enforced 'offline' activities would be a joyous thing and maybe it would be if I had been ready for it.  But when you have work to do these days so much of it depends upon being online.  At least it does for me and I imagine most of us will be the same.
So I set about doing other things, but I was surprised at how often I went to pick up my phone even so.  Mostly to look something up quickly, be it on Ravelry, or Goggle, or some such.  Slightly scary tbh.  Obviously I could still use my phone's mobile data so I wasn't completely stranded but still, it was a chilling reminder of how dependant I've become.
Anyway, this is all completely beside the point, because now it's back I can continue our chat from the other day and I'll see what els…

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