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My Battenberg Blanket and the 'Modular Join'

It began with an idea and a whole heap of minis...  ...and it's turning into what might just be my favourite make ever!
If you've already seen this blanket pop up on Instagram or watched my latest podcast (Episode 41), you'll recognise this blanket and you might also know that I've come up with a cool new 'Join As You Go' (JAYG) technique for crocheting all these squares together.
I'm calling it Modular Join - JAYG Crocheted Seams and I've made a video tutorial to show you how it's done....  Modular Join Tutorial  (There's a left handed version too.)
Of course, you might not watch my podcast, (I'm sure that not every one who reads the blog does) so I thought I'd just show you a little more of the blanket here and show you what I've been doing with the vast majority of my crochet time just lately. 

I had the idea for this blanket quite some time ago, I've always loved the look of those farm house style patchworks quilt made up of…

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