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New - Ziggy Interrupted!

Hooray, it's here!
I'm very pleased to say that today is the Ziggy Interrupted pattern release day!
As usual, you can pop across to Ravelry using the link above (or down below) to see all the nitty gritty of the pattern information and indeed, get yourself a copy if you feel so inclined.
But if you want to stick around for a bit, I usually like to try and explain a little bit about how my patterns come about and the inspiration behind the design.
I must admit, I'm drawing a bit of a blank on what ignited the little spark behind this latest 'Ziggy' incarnation.  I suppose it's just about as a result of my other Ziggy designs.   First there was the Getting Ziggy Shawl, then more recently, the Getting Ziggy Squared² Blanket.  One thing must have led to others...

I do know that this started off a little simpler, the original idea being a long scarf of ziggy zags with the small squares only featuring at the very ends.  It turns out that didn't please my need fo…

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