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The socks that lived (AKA top tips for stranded socks)

The stranded socks live on!
You might recall that last time I was talking about these socks, things were all looking a bit rocky and I'd largely fallen out of love with this spur of the moment project.
Well, thanks to you lovely lot and the helpful advice that you were able to dispense, all was not lost and I have now finally managed to successfully wrangle these socks to completion!
I'll give you another close up of the hearts, so you can see how really quite respectable they look now.  I blocked them of course, to get them looking as good as I possibly could...

So, how did this astounding turn around take place?   Well, two things in particular really helped me out...
First of all, I stopped using two hands and went back to using just one. I suddenly remembered that I used to do my stranded knitting with just one hand, picking up and putting down each colour as required.   More recently though I'd started using both hands, the main/background colour in my right hand, and…

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