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New Special DK Shades

Calling all Stylecraft Special fans!
The four brand new shades of Special DK are in my hands (a free gift) and will be making their way into your local yarn shops as we speak, and following into online shops slightly after.  But of course, we can't sit around and wait for that to happen, I don't doubt for a moment, that like me, you'll want the see more right now.
At first glance, you might not realise these shades are new. While it's true to say that there are similarities in this selection to some already familiar hues in the range, I do think that there are some subtle and welcome differences and additions.
Let's have a closer look...

The first new shade to look at is toy.

Without any other reference to go by, you might guess that this was Stone, but actually, when you see the two colours together, the toy is a clearly and distinctly paler tint.  With maybe even a slight smidge of Apricot warmth added.  It sits perfectly with the stone and could maybe even work…

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