Friday's Child

A slight change of pace today, for I have a sewing project to share.  Sewing is not my forte, but I'm learning little by little I'm getting better.  A tantalising teaser for you.

For some time now, for reasons unknown, even to me, I have desired an apron, or pinny as my Nanas always used to call them.  I made this one from an old dress that had come to the end of it's useful life.  I love the material and knew it could be put to good use.

I think this is another experimental effort really and I'm reasonably sure that I will be making more.  Although, my need for several pinnys is unproven at this point!  Still, I'm pretty happy with this first go and we'll see what the future brings...

I couldn't get a shot of this one that does it much justice unfortunately.  It probably needs modelling on my personage but unfortunately time didn't really permit.   Enough excuses, here she is:

Loving the doilies right now!

S x


  1. Lush!
    All ready for baking!

  2. Awww very nice! Well done. xx

  3. Love your little apron. I have been wanting to make one for myself too.


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