Seeing Double

 No, your eyes do not deceive you, there are two hooky cases up there.  They are very similar, but one makes me happy and the other does not.

You might recall the trouble I had making the first one of these crochet hook pouches?  It looked well enough but it wasn't all that I hoped it would be.  It isn't very often that I can tolerate the idea of making something twice, but after I posted about my disappointment first time round, you all convinced me not to give up on this idea.  So, after a decent period of mourning, I felt I was ready to tackle the second take of the Grand Hooky Pouch Plan.

I'm very pleased to say that things turned out a lot better this time around.  Lessons had been learnt, so the good bits were kept in and the bad bits left out.

I made it the right size this time, the last one was too tall.  I lined with fabric stabiliser rather than wadding, so it didn't become too thick and awkward to sew.  I kept the pretty patches and my cute cherries but left off the bobbly inner trim.  It did look nice but I really wasn't happy with how it turned out last time so I decided it should go. 

The thing that makes me really, really happy is all those sewn lines.  A little pocket for every single hook in my collection.  All in neat rows, like tiny thin soldiers standing to attention, ready to spring into hooky action whenever I say the word.  That was what I had visualised lat time and that's part of what had been so lacking first time round.

The funny thing is, that in some ways, I much prefer the look of my first case.  I like the lace trim, I should have kept that in, but because the second case was shorter, I ran out of space.  Also, I think the cherries turned out better first time round.  (Scroll back up to the top to compare if you like, the first attempt is the one on the right, the second version on the left.  What do you think?)

But, it seems some imperfections I'm more than happy to live with because this second attempt looks good enough for me and does exactly what I wanted it to do.  That brings a smile to my face.  

There's an added benefit too, my Sister has decided that my cast-off is more than satisfactory for her purposes and has taken it off my hands.  So, in the end, even the 'prototype' hasn't been wasted.

S x

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  1. Lovely sewing work. Shame I'm crap at sewing *sigh*

    And I can't wait for the border tutorial, I'm at 1022 squares right now, that means "only" 203 to work on my gigantic blanket until it is time for the border :-)

  2. wow this is very pretty Sandra. There was nothing wrong with your first one hun.

  3. It's so beautiful, every time I see something so cute, like what you have made I am more and more sure that I need to learn how to do it....soon, very soon :)

    Have a nice time!

    Lluisa x

  4. Gorgeous cases and beautiful fabric. Em xx

  5. You've brought this to a higher level. Gorgeous!! Liefs Else X

  6. It's perfect you are just so clever x

  7. Oooh, I love them both! So gorgeous :) I would buy either of those in a heart beat, would they be lying on a vending table at a craft fair somewhere :)

  8. I think they both look lovely. Your first one looks just as good :)

  9. They look just lovely, ok we can't see the flaws on the first one, but I can understand what you mean. I'm myself in the process of repeating a whole personalized bunting as the first one was not perfect.
    Yours are gorgeous ! Booth of them. Love the fabrics.

  10. Good to hear that the "imperfect one" found a home! And your perfected one looks amazing. The hooks displey beautfiully eac in its own little nest ;-)

  11. Hi Sandra, I just love the way that both of the cases came out and they are really beautiful. I love the fabric and the cherries on both of them. I think you are being too hard on yourself. Great job!

  12. I like them both. Such a lovely way to store your hooks - mine are in a plastic box! Best wishes, Pj x

  13. They both look lovely, but I know what you mean things have to 'work well' for you too. Well done on persevering!

  14. I didn't even notice the difference in the cherries until you pointed it out *wink*
    I've been thinking of making a hook organizer and here one is! I'm tired of chasing hooks all through the house! As I will be momentarily putting the final picot edge on my latest afghan (why do I always feel I have to make an afghan or a blanket? *grin*), my next project will be a SEWING project!
    Thank you for sharing Sandra! They are both gorgeous! Oh and....I sold the first scarf I made to a co-worker (and I just took it to work to show it off - not to sell it) - mistakes and all (I didn't point the mistakes out to her *wink*) She loves it and it looks great on her!

  15. I think that both of them are wonderful and would love to have taken the protype of your hands. ( Lucky sister ! )

  16. Oh welcome to the world of doubles! Here it's daughter one and two that need things in pairs ... over at Cherryheart it will be you and your sister! Mark my words... :)

    But seriously, it's good to see that you've found a solution to the troubles the first pouch presented. Isn't it just so comforting a feeling when things work out as planned....

  17. I adore them both, especially those cherries!! So glad the second way came out better for you!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  18. Thanks so much Ale, I'm a little behind so I know you've given me a couple of lovely comments :) Thanks so much for keeping reading
    Sandra x

  19. They are both beautiful, I love the cherries. I can see the second one sits really well, Wendy xx


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