Three go to Wales...

Hello everyone!

Goodness me, it's good to be back. I've had a lovely long break from normality and from all things bloggy and internet related which has been a very nice and relaxing thing.  But, as is usually the case with such a long break, however nice it may be, before the end of it I am champing at the bit to get back to my reliable and predictable routine once more.

Not that I've been remotely idle this summer, oh no.  We've all been busy as can be.  The child and I have been doing the usual holiday things to try and keep small people amused through the long empty days and as a family we've all begun work on the task of refreshing, rejuvenating and reinventing our weary little homestead.  My craft room is on the move, his office is relocating, furniture is shifting and paint cans are being opened.  It's all going on around here at the moment!

But I'll go more into that later.  I'd like to start with a little recap of our family holiday this year before it gets so past the summer months it's not worth talking about any more.

This year, we went to Tenby in Wales.  It was the child's idea to go to Wales and we didn't see any reason why we shouldn't make it happen.  I've never really been to Wales and after consulting with more knowledgable folks, Tenby was suggested as a suitable spot and how right these informed people were, Tenby was a delight.

The place is full of seaside coloured houses, pretty front doors and long sandy beaches.  It has an old fashioned feel to it which took me right back to my childhood holidays.  There's only one amusement arcade for example, you can get a sandwich on the beach without taking out a mortgage and for the most part the restaurants had good and unfussy food.  I really liked it.

I can't help but feel that it's simple charm is in danger though.  A few of the popular clothes chains seem to be opening up  shops there, a couple of the newer eateries sported fancy menus with big prices and a new development was being built on the beach, complete with coffee bars and rustic sandwiches which, although lovely were more than twice the price than others we'd seen.

It will be a terrible shame if slightly outdated but charming Tenby becomes just another overcrowded, overpriced British resort but I guess that's the modern way and at least if I ever go back in my dotage I can bore everyone with my tales of 'what it used to be like, back in the good 'ol days'.

We managed to snag a rather wonderful little gem of a flat to stay in.  The beach was literally a stone's throw from our front door and a mere street or two away the eating and shopping action took place.  It was the most conveniently located home from home I've ever stayed in and we barely used the car all week.

The weather, although not stunning was actually quite reasonable and no self respecting British family is going to be put off going to the beach simply because there are ominous grey clouds hanging over head.  For the most part the threatening formations were broken up by sunshine sooner or later in the day, although the Welsh wind did tear along the open beach with some vigour at points.  Still, armed with a trusty windbreak and sturdy spade to allow for some serious ground works and castle building you barely feel the chill.

I'm afraid I can't say the same for the Atlantic waters lapping at the shore though.  A jumper was useful and necessary for those content to paddle at along the edges, but there could be no such protection for the foolhardy souls intent on experiencing sea swimming proper.  Unfortunately my daughter was just such a soul.  She is strangely drawn to swimming in the ocean and no amount of goose bumps were apparently about to put her off.  Actually I enjoy a good splash about in the sea myself and we all ended up experiencing that bracing exhilaration of plunging into cold waves before the week was out.  It actually wasn't too bad.... once you were in... and after your hands had stopped being numb!

Hardy souls, braving icy splashes!

 Completely inadequate for our heavy duty excavations, replacements urgently acquired.

Our little holiday home, as seen from the beach. 

Introducing the child to the dark and seedy world of gambling!

Yes, I very much enjoyed our little holiday this year.  It was a goldilocks get away, not too hot and not too cold, not too full of activity and not too dull, it was just right.

After waiting so long to go to Wales, it was a rather lovely to finally discover some of its charms and I'd most certainly love to go there again.

S x