Work in progress

I thought I'd start by letting you know what I'm currently working on, which is the wonderful and somewhat huge Babette Blanket, which some of you in crafty circles may well of heard of!  Ravelry has lots of wonderful pictures of other peoples creations which you can look at if you are a member.  I would post a link to the pattern but when I tried to find it, it didn't seem to exist!  (I'd be happy to update this information if anyone knows better!)

I managed to cobble together my pattern by looking at other people's pictures and I've also added an extra panel of my own to extend it as I wanted a longer, more rectangular blanket.  When complete, this is due to be a house warming present for my sister, although it's turning out so nice I kinda want to keep it for myself!  The colours are specially selected for her living room though and it should tie in beautifully with the finished decoration (when that's done).

I'm currently sewing all the millions of patches together, which so far, only so far mind you, isn't as arduous as I had feared!  Then there will be a border to finish the blanket off.  I'll post more pictures of the finished article in due course...


  1. Wow - the blanket is looking great - beautiful colours! It looks pretty daunting to me but it will be awesome when it's finished!