The Good Life

Something strange is in the sky today. It is round, yellow and warm. If I remember correctly, it is the sun! It seemed to be a slow turn from winter to spring this year and although summer should now be creeping up on us, it doesn't feel as though we have had many warm days to enjoy yet. Still, as today would appear to be one of them, I felt it was necessary to make the very most of it and spend as much time outdoors as I can, sitting in the sun, knitting and relaxing. So, this comes to you from my garden, which I am a little behind with and for which I am, of course, going to blame the weather.  

This year has confirmed something I suspected all along... I am a fair-weather friend to my garden. If it is mild, warm, sunny and at all pleasant to be outside, I shall be there. If it is over-cast, damp or chilly, I shall not. I have managed to catch-up with my weeding (in the flower beds at least), sown seeds, started off my vegetable patch and planted up a few spare plants and kept the lawn mown but things have been much more delayed this year than last. My vegetable patch, which I started to plant and sow in April, is doing quite well, but is now in desperate need of weeding, I need to sow some more salad leaves and get the courgettes in the ground. The front drive also needs weeding and I haven't planted my pots up yet - all things I had done this time last year. I suppose that is the nature of gardening, each year is different, each brings different weather and the shape and feel of the place alter with every year's growth.

Actually, I think that's one of the things I am enjoying about gardening, it all takes place at a different pace. I'm still fairly new to it, I only really started actively gardening about 3 years ago, but it seems to be a perfect hobby at this point in my life. Yes, some things in gardening happen very quickly. Seeds pop up in a matter of days, plants can seem to sport a couple of inches more growth in a day or two of sunshine and weeds grow in a blink of a eye. But, I can now appreciate that not everything can happen instantly, it's a long term project which will probably never be perfect and will always be, to some extent, a work in progress. All concepts which I'm still learning about and beginning to accept and enjoy. I'm finding that refreshing and comforting at the same time.

S x